[2016-11-08] 5 simple solutions for the new leather shoes as new leather shoes grind feet

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The new leather shoes are relatively hard. If you wear the shoes on the foot, it will cause the foot blisters. In order to solve the problem, there are several very simple and practical skills which can let you avoid this pain when you wear the new leather shoes.

1. At the beginning, you could slowly pour water on the towel. But you just need to get the towel a little wet on the line, it is not able to be too wet so that it drips down the water. And then you should get the wet towel into the leather shoes and cover the shoes for a few minutes. Leather shoes will become soft after the tide, and then make the old newspaper become a ball. And then you need put the newspaper ball into the inside of the shoes, so that the shoes will not pinch your feet.

2. You can also use liquor or a little white vinegar to wipe the position of shoes that injure your feet. Then you need to soak the shoes for about 5-15 minutes, apply hair dryer for blowing, gently rub the heel and make it soften, and the leather shoes become slightly softer.

3. If the shoes are grinding feet on both sides, it will be just fine to force on the upper roll with round bottle for several times. If the edge is grinding your feet, you need to put them to stretch.

4. You could also use Vaseline to wipe on foot injury parts of the leather shoes. Placed for two days, during the period of uninterrupted coating, the Vaseline protects leather grinding at the foot and it will be soft and smooth. Then the leather shoes will no longer grind your feet.

5. You can naturally soften the leather shoes. Natural softening is the best way. And firstly you can use tape to affix the place between the feet and the parts of grinding shoes. After a period of time it will not be too grinding foot and then you could take off the tape.
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