[2017-04-09] 60 Mile Range of AmazonBasics Amplified Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna Allows Very Good TV Signal Reception

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A television antenna is an essential device specifically designed for the reception of over-the-air broadcast television signals. There are two different types: "indoor" antennas located on top of or next to the television set, and "outdoor" antennas mounted on a mast on top of the owner's house. Here, we are going to introduce a product AmazonBasics Amplified Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna at 60 Mile Range. We know that the TV Antenna can also be mounted in a loft or attic, where the dry conditions and increased elevation are advantageous for reception and antenna longevity. Outdoor antennas are more expensive and difficult to install, but are necessary for adequate reception in fringe areas far from television stations.

AmazonBasics Amplified Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna - 60 Mile Range

AmazonBasics Amplified Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna is at an average size, with the height of 310 hundredths-inches, the length of 2530 hundredths-inches, the width of 1080 hundredths-inches and the weight of 415 hundredths-pounds. The workmanship of this TV Antenna is good from its appearance. The TV Antenna allows 60 Mile range to access from broadcast tower; it can receive free HD channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and more. Of course, it is known that channel reception may vary depending on what's being broadcast in different area, how far away it is from broadcast towers, and the surroundings (i.e. obstructions between the TV Antenna and the towers). To help receive very clear and accurate signals, AmazonBasics Amplified Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna utilizes CleanPeak filter technology to filter out cellular and FM signals, resulting in low noise, a clearer picture and access to more channels. When connected, the amplifier can sometimes overdrive the antenna's signal and reduce signal quality. In these instances, it might help to use the antenna without the amplifier. The AmazonBasics ultra-thin indoor HDTV antenna makes it easy to watch your favorite shows—minus the messy cords and ever-increasing monthly expenses. Even more, with free, uncompressed, over-the-air television, the HD picture quality is actually better than with cable or satellite.

AmazonBasics Amplified Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna - 60 Mile Range

Someone may ask, whether it can be used inside a room. Theoretically, the answer is yes. However, you likely won't get a signal if you are not reasonably close to the TV transmitters. For example, if you are just 50 miles from the LA area transmitters and properly you will get nothing when the antenna is inside the house. However, when I moved it outside, even just a few feet off the ground, reception was very good. Both compact and easy to mount, the antenna works just as well in modern, spacious homes as it does in smaller urban apartments, studios, dorm rooms, and workshops. It can even be placed in your RV for TV reception from town to town or during a tailgating party. If you're paying too much for cable, it might be time to cut the cord. With this convenient AmazonBasics ultra-thin indoor HDTV antenna, you get excellent reception (up to 50 miles from a broadcast tower) all in one discreet little device. Great antenna, Price is amazing comapred to the other one which do the same thing.

AmazonBasics Amplified Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna - 60 Mile Range
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