[2016-11-14] 9 wild survival methods that lied to you for a long time - Some of 9 survival ways in the wild might take your life

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This is a science tip. When we were children, we have been heard from the method which is so-called survival in the wild. There are a lot of methods we think we can save our lives when we are in danger! But some of them are incorrect. Even it will take your life! So what are the correct ways for you when you are in danger in the wild?

1. It is not safe to play dead if you meet a bear on the trail. So you should stop and go back slowly to keep a certain distance. And it shows the meaning is that you are not malicious for it.In fact, the bear is not free to attack people itself.

2. If you get lost in the forest, the most important thing is not to find food, but to find water and shelter. the reason is that people can be alive without food for up to 6 weeks, but if there is no water, they are in big trouble.

3. A lean-to is a place where you can choose to hide. But it can not protect you from the cold ground. So the premise is that you need to build up a layer to insulate you from the cool ground.

4. If a fellow was frostbited outdoor, don't put him into the hot tub! You should take some warm clothes and quilt to cover on the patient and wait for him to slowly warm up.

5. If a shark attacks you, it is not helpful to punch it in the nose. But the eyes and gills of shark are much more vulnerable because the resistance of the water is very big in the water. It is difficult to force fighting with shark.

6. Someone said "If you don't know what you can eat in the wild, you can eat what the animal eats.". That is not right. As a matter of fact, it does not mean that it is definitely safe as it is not risky for animal to eat something in the wild. And you can not eat it too. In the wild, you can only eat what you can identify as edible species without a doubt.

7. If people don't have a compass, they might consider that moss grows on the north side of a tree. However, moss grows on all sides of a tree. Thus, it is necessary to check the surrounding.

8. Pay more attention, if you are bitten by a snake, most people think you need to suck the poison out. But this behavior is very dangerous. It might not be helpful and the poison is likely to enter your esophagus. The most important thing is to get to the hospital as fast as possible. Meanwhile you need to keeping the wound being lower than the heart and keep the fluids going in.

9. You found a cactus in the desert and it will save you from dying of thirst? Actually, only barrel cactus provides relatively safe drinking water. most others contain poison. So it's easy to make people be sick and dehydrated. Please be careful!

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