[2017-07-23] Amazing Experience with Kajarin 4 Comfort, 1.69 oz (50 mL)

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The Kajarin 4 Comfort product is women's moisturizing formula; designed for women of all ages with dryness and discomfort. Conveniently packaged in an airless metered pump which reduces oxidation and maintains potency, these products deliver an evenly measured amount with each pump. Products are double-strength so last twice as long! 1 pump is equivalent to half a milliliter (mL).Active Ingredient: Estriol avg 1.4mg per pump.

Kajarin 4 Comfort, 1.69 oz (50 mL)

This cream soothes the uncomfortable sensations resulting from vaginal dryness. This potent cream effectively helps to elevate and normalize hormonal imbalances caused by typical estrogen deficiencies in your body. It can even aide in promoting strong bone density, heart health, and postmenopausal urinary tract health. Get relief from those postmenopausal symptoms, and take control of your body. With its innovative delivery system, 4 Comfort provides just the right amount of cream with each easy pump (approximately 1.4mg of estriol).

The product is easy to use. Quick and Easy Application: Escape those dry and uncomfortable sensations derived from postmenopausal symptoms with a push of the pump (as recommended by health professionals). Massage the cream onto the backs of your knees, inner arms and wrists. Make sure to alternate each day. Organic. It's Just Better: We know that your comfort is critical. That's why we have created a cream that uses natural ingredients, such as grape fruit seed extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, and deionized water. These ingredients soothe the skin with each application. Our Philosophy: Kajarin is derived from the Greek word 'kaja,' meaning pure or vital, and the Japanese 'rin,' meaning ancient wisdom. It is wisdom that directs us in the creation and innovation of our products. We are charged with the objective of creating optimal, organic products to neutralize symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance. Kajarin wants you to feel great at every age. Hormones shouldn't get in the way of your health, happiness, love life, or even your success. It's our goal to make sure they don't. How? By arming you with products that transform an age of uncertainty into an age of purity, vitality and dignity.

Kajarin 4 Comfort, 1.69 oz (50 mL)

See how Kajarin 4 Comfort user said. My practitioner recommended that I use this product because I am experiencing some post-menopausal symptoms. I was really impressed with how little it took to ease my symptoms. It was almost instantaneous. I will definitely be recommending this cream to my friends. I'm on hormone therapy and use this as a supplement. It is a GREAT cream! If you want to have a happier experience, don’t miss it!

Kajarin 4 Comfort, 1.69 oz (50 mL)
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