[2016-10-17] An Alternative Method to Polish Silver Jewelry

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What is the easiest and fastest method you can think of to polish silver jewelry?

First of all, the wiping materials can be easily found in women's bags: paper towels, lipstick.
Simply put the lipstick on paper towels; repeatedly rub a few times where the silver jewelry is black and it is easy to polish.

Silver sulfide is a cause of black silver jewelry, while lipstick contains emulsifier that can make silver sulfide and other small pollutants float. What’s more, lipstick generally contains bright color tiny titanium oxide particles which can remove the floating dirt. So, no matter what kind of lipstick it is, it can help us polish the silver.


A. If your silver jewelry is oxidized very seriously, you can turn over the paper towel, and then get coated again with a little lipstick; wipe a few times and you are assured to rub the jewelry cleanly.

B. Silver jewelry black layer is very thin, so there is no problem for the general silver products to use this method. But if it is silver plated products or some products with a special process, we recommend that you do not use this method. It is best to have a professional cleaning.
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