[2017-06-14] Beautiful Jasmine Flowers for Your House or Garden - Jasmine Sambac "Mysore Mulli " Rare Live Plant 1 Gallon

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Here, I have a rare Jasminum sambac "Mysore Mulli" for your consideration. This Mysore Mulli is rarely seen being offered for sale in compare to other type of Sambac. It is a close relative to the Belle of India. ('Elongata') The differences are the slightly shorter patals than other Belle. and it has much stronger fragarnce with more reliable bloom. This is a vining evergreen shrub that could reach 5 ft in height in the right growing condition. Fairly fast growing, so it may require some pruning to keep it in compact shape. This Jasminum Sambac is the plant used to flavor the jasmine tea and making perfumes. It is called "pikake" in Hawaii.

Jasmine Sambac "Mysore Mulli " Rare Live Plant 1 Gallon

Strongly fragrant 1" double white blooms, Flowers are borne in clusters of 3-12 blooms This jasmine variety is slow growing to about four feet. Frost tender, so you may want to consider using in a container on porch or patio if you live in an extreme winter area. Flower buds need high temperatures and seasonal. Photos are sample. 1 Gallon plant but we will repack it in 4" pot to save the shipping cost Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed! We take care all the damage of the plant.

Jasmine Sambac "Mysore Mulli " Rare Plant This Jasmine produces the largest flowers; Up to 1" double flowers look like miniature roses. This tall growing shrub has Gardenia type flowers. The older plants seem to be more fascinating in providing flowers of different shapes and sizes on the same plant at the same time. A flower stays for a long time (few days) and doesn't drop off and in most cases will dry right on the plant. Same sweet fragrance of Maid of Orleans but stronger; This bushy compact plant needs a little more special attention than other Jasmines. Flower is used for tea and religious ceremonies. Requires frequent pruning for denser shape, otherwise becomes leggy. Ever bloomer! We collect the flowers for our morning and evening jasmine tea!

Jasmine Sambac "Mysore Mulli " Rare Live Plant 1 Gallon

Flowers are double. (smaller size than Grand Duke) It is very strongly perfumed. The most reliable bloomer of all sambacs variety. It blooms practically all year around, providing with the warm and bright light conditions. Will tolerate some shade with less blooming. Yes, it's perfect houseplant. Easy to take care of. No major pest or diseases to be mentioned. It takes both sun or shade. Jasminum Sambac is a beautiful fragrant everbloomer for your home and garden and greenhouse culture. What I have here is a well established, air layered plant from a last year blooming branch.Some plants are already have a few flowering buds emerging on the tips of the branches. So you would be enjoying the flowers and the wonderful fragrance of this rare Mulli Jasmine soon. You will love the perfect plant for the pot culture or your smaller garden.

Jasmine Sambac "Mysore Mulli " Rare Live Plant 1 Gallon
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