[2017-06-03] Best Travel Container Pitotubes Travel Kit - Clear Quart: Perfect for Travel

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We all love travel, but sometimes it will be a little bit troublesome if we bring to many things around us. Especially for girls who have to bring all kinds of skin care products, beautiful clothes around. It is impossible for us to package the big bottle of various skin care products, so a tiny travel kit will be extremely helpful and necessary for you! Here, we are giving you a 5-star product Pitotubes Travel Kit - Clear Quart that will make you joyful during your travel for the convenience it brings to you. Go on reading and see.

Pitotubes Travel Kit - Clear Quart

The travel kit is with a clean and fine looking, and the clear zippered bags are made of high quality plastic. The gusset is constructed from soft and durable fine woven silver colored mesh that also borders the bag. Seams are double-stitched for superior quality. TSA compliant for carry-on, the back side of bag has 1 Quart printed for easy security varification.Kits include 6 Pitotubes Travel Bottles: Two .5 oz/ 15mlTwo 1.0 oz/ 30 mlTwo 1.7 oz./ 50ml BOTTLES ARE ENGRAVED with both oz and ml designations to comply with both domestic and international security regulations. New labels sheets with 14 titles and 2 blanks:Shampoo Body Wash Mouthwash Cleanser Conditioner Moisturizer Hair Gel Solution Serum Body Spray Hairspray Facial Toner Makeup Remover Sun ScreenAlso inlcuded in kit:Interchangeable Spray Head Piston Return Stick Instruction SheetThe quart size measures: 7 ¾" by 9" wide.

Pitotubes Travel Kit - Clear Quart

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I love these. I travel frequently and I have never had any issues with leaking. They are durable and easy to refill. I am sad that their company site is no longer running because it was the only way to buy the bottles you want or individually instead of whatever is available in a set. Based on a week of travel... The 0.5 oz is great for moisturizers, face soap, toner, etc. The 1 oz can cut it a bit close for shampoo or body wash, depending on much you use. The 1.7 oz is plenty for shampoo/body wash. These also work great for stuff like sunscreen, leave in spray conditioners, hairspray and other liquid-based beauty products. The labels are durable and easy to apply. The travel set bags are just fine, just note they aren't the "quart size baggie" wanted by US security. But the bag has a zipper and is very durable and can be used for whatever.
These bottles are wonderful. I use a facial cleansing oil that leaked out of every bottle I tried until I found these. The oil does not leak out of the pitotubes, and I purchased more so I can put all of my facial and hair products in them. There are interchangeable tops on them, so you can spray or pump/squirt your product out. The size is perfect for a long weekend trip. I'm glad I spent the extra money on them - they are worth every penny!
Surely, this is the best travel container out there, and it is perfect for travel!

Pitotubes Travel Kit - Clear Quart
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