[2016-08-12] BlackBerry Smartphone Review – BlackBerry Android Phone, the Most Secure Smartphone

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BlackBerry made a HUGE change to how it does mobile in 2015 since it made a decision that switching to Google’s Android OS for its phones going forwards. This would announce BlackBerry was back. And this was big news for the technology space, as BlackBerry shifting to Android is sort of like Apple switching to Windows; BlackBerry had ALWAYS used proprietary software up to this point and the reason for this was simple: security — BlackBerry’s favourite subject. Recently, the breaking BlackBerry news is that Black Berry DTEK50 smartphone gets into the android phone market.

The BlackBerry PRIV, while a solid first attempt at an Android phone, left quite a bit to be desired. The keyboard felt like an afterthought and the performance, notably the battery life, wasn’t great. Still, BlackBerry showed a lot of good ideas with that cellphone. They are making Android safer and more secure. BlackBerry also is used for a stock build of Android as well, meaning Nexus-like visuals which are always a good thing.

And now BlackBerry is back with its first Android phone of 2016. It’s called the BlackBerry DTEK50 and BlackBerry claims it is the “world’s most secure smartphone” — a claim it is managing through monthly software updates. That means it will return to compete with SamSung, Apple and LG again. The BlackBerry DTEK50 is a different beast to what came before, though, as it’s a lot cheaper than the PRIV and it is also an all-touch device, making it more of a traditional Android phone.

In fact, I’d go as far as saying this is the most accessible phone BlackBerry has produced in YEARS. The company hasn’t had much success in the top-tier of the market, going head to head with the likes of Apple, Samsung and LG. But perhaps at this mid-market level it will be more successful? The “BlackBerry Brand” is still strong in many parts of the world, so all it needs is a device that registers with consumers en masse and the DTEK50, which is priced at just £275 offline, is quite clearly designed to be that device. BlackBerry mobile can still attract the faithful customer as its price becomes cheaper than the other Brand smartphone in mid-market. It is good for you to get a BlackBerry DTEK50 if you would like to get the world’s most secure smartphone.
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