[2016-11-13] Bookmark If You Often drink, the Fastest and Most Effective Method to Sober up

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Wine is necessary in a party to make people happier, but you will feel bad once you are drunk. If you or your family got drunk, what should you do to sober up yourself or your family? Let’s take a look together.

Use white radish to sober up
White radish about 1 pound, crushed into mud or pressed into juice, can be taken directly. Brown sugar can also be added in the white radish juice for a moderate amount of drink. Eating raw turnip is also effective to sober up.

Use celery to sober up
Chop and press the appropriate amount of celery into juice. Drink 1 time every 5 minutes, for 3 times. This method can solve headache and brain swelling, as well as face flushing and other symptoms after drinking.

Use fresh orange peel to sober up
Strip a fresh orange peel and boil it with 1 pound of water; add a small amount of fine salt and drink it as tea after shaking up. With a cup each time for every 5 minutes, it will take effect after drinking for three times.

Use milk to sober up
Drink milk directly. The milk and wine mixture can make the protein coagulated, to relieve alcohol absorption in the stomach, with the protective effect of gastric mucosa.

Use ginger to sober up
Eat ginger. The one who suffer drunken nausea and vomiting, take a small piece of ginger in the mouth.

Use olive to sober up
Take 5 pieces of fresh olives, pound them after removing nuclear, and then add 50 grams of sugar for simmer decoction to drink.

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