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Amazing! Mercedes-Benz unveils futuristic autonomous city bus
Automated self-drive vehicles have become the next big thing in the automotive world.German automaker Mercedes-Benz has given a glimpse of the future public transportation by unveiling a new self-driving, semi-automated 'Future Bus'.CRI's Spencer Musick explains that, despite the autonomous vehicle  ...Read More >>>
Speed up Windows 10 – Best Way to Clean and Speed up Windows 10 in Your PC
Is your Windows 10 running little slowly? You can speed up Windows PC by cleaning your hard disk and getting rid of files and moving data to other devices from hard disk. So the best way to speed up Windows 10 as following.Empty the recycle bin to speed up Windows 10It’s nice to know that some thi ...Read More >>>
What Do You Think about Sex Female Robots - Do You Want to Have Sex with Robot Woman? The Survey Results Are Amazing!
According to the Daily Mail newspaper reported that having sex with the robot sounds like science fiction movie scene. But the British authority statistics website VoucherCodesPro recently conducted a survey of 2816 people. 1/3 of the people are willing to date with the robot lady, 1/5 of people are ...Read More >>>
Is NASA trying to cover up a UFO sighting? NASA's space station feed cuts off after UFO, sparking conspiracy theories
Space conspiracy theorists are accusing NASA of cutting a live stream from the International Space Station just as an unidentified object comes into view. Theories began swirling on YouTube earlier this week after YouTube user Streepcap1 posted a video of the stream on July 9. In the clip, a bri ...Read More >>>
Self-driving cars: Motoring with the Sims - Testing Autonomous Vehicles Virtually Make Them Safer on Real Roads
AMERICA’S National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating the fatal crash in May of a Tesla Model S electric car. Normally such an accident, tragic though it is for the friends and family of the victim, would not warrant a high-level inquiry of this sort. In the case in que ...Read More >>>
Pay More Attention to Light Pollution - The Night Sky is Vanishing
The dark sky is in need of saving.According to a new comprehensive atlas of world light pollution created by the Light Pollution Science and Technology Institute in Italy (ISTIL) and published in Science Advances, more than 99 percent of the population of the mainland U.S. now resides in areas that  ...Read More >>>
How the internet was invented – A Great Network that Influence Our Life
In 40 years, the internet has morphed from a military communication network into a vast global cyberspace. And it all started in a California beer garden. In the kingdom of apps and unicorns, Rossotti's is a rarity. This beer garden in the heart of Silicon Valley has been standing on the same spot  ...Read More >>>
Touchscreens will be more responsive with new ways found - Does it meet your expectation?
Touchscreens are often used with haptic response systems nowadays. We all know that the only way to operate an increasing number of modern devices, from smartphones to cash machines and cars, is the deft use of a finger on a touchscreen, with a tap for this and a swipe for that. But sometimes such a ...Read More >>>
How Default Settings Rule The World? Go on and Change Some Defaults
We've seen how design can keep us away from harm and save our lives. But there is a more subtle way that design influences our daily decisions and behavior – whether we know it or not. It's not sexy or trendy or flashy in any way. I'm talking about defaults.Defaults are the settings that come out  ...Read More >>>
What Will Make Your IT Person Start Spying on You? Take Care of What You Are Doing!
Do you realize your IT person actually also at work? Be friendly to them, so next time you see them, say hi. Maybe ask how their day is going. Because that person, should they so choose, could easily read every pretty much everything you’ve ever looked at or your typed into your computer at work.  ...Read More >>>
NASA to launch asteroid-sampling mission in three weeks - NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is set to launch from Cape Canaveral September 8
NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is set to launch from Cape Canaveral September 8, aimed at a rendezvous with the asteroid Bennu in 2018.The agency's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is scheduled to launch atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket on Sept. 8 from Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. If a ...Read More >>>
Driverless Car Era May Cause These 128 Things to Disappear
There’s a significant difference between a driverless car and a fully autonomous vehicle. We already have a number of vehicles on the road today with driverless features, but that’s only a small step towards the no-steering-wheel type of driverless car many are imagining.As we move further into  ...Read More >>>
Is There Any Food that Really Improves Your Eyesight? What is Good for Your Eyes?
Many people suffer declining eyesight as they get older, but is there something we can eat to improve it, asks Michael Mosley.My eyesight has never been good. I've worn glasses most of my life and as I get older that's a situation that I've only expected to get worse. When the Trust Me, I'm A Doctor ...Read More >>>
iOS 10 hidden secrets: Cool new features in iOS 10 you don’t want to miss
There are some of the new features contained in the new iOS 10 update that you might have missed.While most of these should be available on all devices that support iOS 10, some will only be available on newer devices.Allow selected contacts to bypass Do Not DisturbThe VIP system for allowing select ...Read More >>>
Snapchat 2.0 update - How to use Snapchat’s new video and voice calling
Snapchat has just unveiled its new Chat 2.0 update, and it’s bringing a ton of slick new features to the ephemeral messaging app. In addition to the usual bug fixes, Chat 2.0 adds video and voice calling, as well as the ability to send silly stickers to your friends.Both you and your friends will  ...Read More >>>