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Tim Duncan: Bastketabll Can't Attract Me Anymore - Tim Duncan Wanted to Retire Last Season
After he announced his retirement on Monday, on 14th July, Tim Duncan accepted an interview with ViVid Streaming Radio. He said that he knew his retire was not far away on last season.“Everything is no longer enjoyable and interesting for me.”Tim Duncan said, “When everything becomes boring, I ...Read More >>>
TIM DUNCAN ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT - Perfect 19-Year Career with Five-Time Champion
After the farewell to Kobe Bryant, NBA is going to bid farewell to another legendary player. That is Tim Duncan from the San Antonio Spurs. The team announced the news on the official twitter. Originally selected by the Spurs as the No. 1 overall pick in the 1997 NBA Draft, Duncan, 40, helped San An ...Read More >>>
How Cristiano Ronaldo Could Be Invincible in UEFA Champions League Final – Portugal Is The Winner in 2016
Portugal is the UEFA Champions League Final Winner. Cristiano Ronaldo is the team leader of Portugal. And he played the most important role in the team. Finally he got the Championship of UEFA Final in 2016. By now, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most outstanding football players in the world. And  ...Read More >>>
Santoni Released 2016 Rio Olympic Special Shoes
Introduction: With the arrival of the 2016 Olympic Games, Santoni chose its brand classic sports shoes, used the iconic five colors - blue, yellow, black, green and red of the five Olympic rings, introduced fresh, bright and vibrant Santoni 2016 Special Olympics Shoes models, named it "Enjoy Rio, Dy ...Read More >>>
First Look at the Beautiful Venues in Olympic Park of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
In August, Rio de Janeiro will usher in its first Olympic Games. Many venues throughout the city will host a series of sporting events. One of the biggest is the Deodoro Olympic Park, where it will hold events of 11 Olympic Games and 4 Paralympic Games, including: Canoe Slalom, Cycling (BMX, mountai ...Read More >>>
DeMar DeRozan in US Olympic Basketball Team - How DeMar DeRozan Gives Some Fun for Team USA Exhibition Tour
DeMar DeRozan used cellphone camera well and this helped provide one of the more charming, indelible images of the U.S. men’s Olympic basketball team’s exhibition tour.DeRozan captured the soulful stylings of Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving as they delivered a throaty rendition of Vanessa Carlton ...Read More >>>
LeBron James championships - How many rings does LeBron James have in NBA team
Do you know LeBron James’s goal he set for himself?How many rings does Bebron have during playing basketball in NBA by now?What does LeBron James play for? Any idea!LeBron James is spending his summer sitting on top of the basketball world, celebrating the achievement of the goal he set for himsel ...Read More >>>
Kobe Bryant Salary - What Kobe Bryant would say about money to his younger self
Let’s see Kobe Bryant career stats and his contract. What does the change that Kobe Bryant brings to his family and friends?When Kobe Bryant signed his first pro basketball contract with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1996, it made him a millionaire virtually overnight: The three-year contract would pa ...Read More >>>
LeBron James Re-sign the $100 Million Contract with Cleveland Cavaliers - LeBron James Announced on a Video
LeBron James did re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers on a three-year, $100 million maximum contract, and the three-time NBA champion also pressured the Cavs to finalize a deal to keep free agent J.R. Smith.James and Smith have the same agent in Rich Paul of Klutch Sports Group, and the situation ap ...Read More >>>
Olympic Games: The World's Best Athletes VS. Average Animals
Are you still surprised by how greatly the athletes perform on the Olympic Games? Usain Bolt might be the fastest man alive, but an average warthog could probably take him. In the past days, Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man, made an appropriately confident prediction. "I'm going to win the 100 me ...Read More >>>
Basketball Team USA Wins and Haven’t Been Defeated in Olympics 2016 yet
The United States men’s national team treated an exhibition against Nigeria in Houston as if were a condensed, 40-minute version of NBA All-Star Weekend. The Americans were flying over their foes like Cirque du Soleil acrobats, catching alley-oop dunks and throwing down windmill slams. They were s ...Read More >>>
Touching Moment in Olympic Games: A day after her ‘Olympic spirit’ went viral, reality hits with runner’s knee injury
What is the Olympic Spirit? It's a phrase everyone's heard, and that is tossed around quite a bit every 2 years, but what exactly does it mean to you? Someone says, ideally, it means having pride in your national team but putting aside politics to watch the best athletes in the world compete and bei ...Read More >>>
You Want to Be One of Them? What's the Easiest Olympic Gold Medal to Win? (I)
What do you think is the easiest Olympic gold medal to win? "That's so easy that I could do it," is a phrase that will be repeated countless times around televisions airing the Olympics this month. The short response is, "no, no it's not." The longer answer is a bit more complicated. Every Olympic s ...Read More >>>
Brazil Football Team Wins Rio Olympics: Brazil Beats Germany and Finally Wins Olympic Football Gold
Brazil beat Germany on penalties to finally win the Olympic gold medal in football.There may have been almost 80,000 fans, most dressed in that famous canary yellow jersey, but they moved as one, sang as one, cheered as one, booed and whistled as one.Each time the Selecao drove forward into the Germ ...Read More >>>
US Women's Basketball Team Wins Final Olympic Championship - US Rolls Past Spain to Win Sixth Gold
After a sloppy start that saw Spain lead much of the opening quarter, the U.S. finally settled into their familiar rhythm, turning a 10-0 run into a 17-point halftime lead.The United States women's basketball team thumped Spain 101-72 to claim a sixth straight gold medal on Saturday to rubber-stamp  ...Read More >>>
What Are Your Favoirite Sports? The Easiest and Hardest Gold Medals to Win in Olympic Game (||)
This is the second part for the post "You Want to Be One of Them? What's the Easiest Olympic Gold Medal to Win? (|)". Let's count together your favorite sports and see what the easiest and hardest Olympic Gold Medals to win are! 16. RowingWe've climbed a step here from "you have a 0.001% chance to m ...Read More >>>
5 remarkable things from closing ceremony of Rio Olympics 2016
There five things that should be remembered from the end of ceremony of Rio Olympics 2016.Simone's showThere's no questioning Simone Biles' star power. Aside from toting the United States flag like a four-time gold medalist, Biles momentarily held up the parade of athletes as lines formed to snap a  ...Read More >>>
How Can You Talk About Basketball with Your Dad - Interesting Guide Here
Your dad is old. I mean reeeeally old, It’s just one of the facts of life. Here are the facts of life, by the way:• Your dad is old• Young Thug is real goodBut, back to your dad. He’s old. It’s not his fault that he’s old, but he is in fact very old. The fact that your dad is so old can  ...Read More >>>
Stephen Curry has warned that the Golden State Warriors will need an "adjustment period" in NBA 2016-17 season
The Warriors suffered a heart-breaking 4-3 NBA Finals defeat to the Cleveland Cavaliers last season to lose the title they won in the 2014-15 campaign.That came after the Warriors had set a regular-season record of 73 wins, and in a bid to ensure they do not suffer similar disappointment Golden Stat ...Read More >>>
2016 college football season – the greatest opening weekend in college football sports history
The start of the 2016 college football season was billed as the greatest opening weekend in the sport's history.It delivered everything we wanted -- and then some.The action started at the crack of dawn with the first kickoff in Dublin, Ireland, and ended well past midnight PT in Wyoming. We were tr ...Read More >>>
Kevin Durant Warriors Put a Huge Rick James Tattoo on His Leg – NBA Will Be More Interesting As Kevin Durant Join Golden State Warriors
Kevin Durant, basketball player, is much more interesting than Kevin Durant, offseason lightning rod. In fact, the Olympics were a nice reminder that Durant can still capture plenty of positive attention with his play on the court. His performances for Team USA were quintessential KD, full of the ef ...Read More >>>
NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Big-Name NBA Players Who Could Be Moving in New NBA Season
The NBA season is in full swing now, as we’re over a week into the schedule. While nothing is set in stone, teams have had the chance to see just how good they are, getting a better grasp on what kinds of issues they’ll need to fix in order to succeed.These sort of problems can be solved at the  ...Read More >>>
Kevin Garnett Retire – Learn about Garnett’s career, the new for Kevin Garnett to announce retirement after 21 seasons in NBA
In the spring of 1995, Kevin Garnett was something of an unknown. Teams were aware of the spindly, 6-foot-11 phenom, but interest was lukewarm. Late first round, maybe second was the buzz, and only if a general manager, not yet used to the idea of drafting high school talent, was willing to take on  ...Read More >>>
It is complicated that NBA uniform ad sales is not easy to make a deal before the beginning of NBA 2017-18 season
It's been almost five months since the NBA announced it would allow its 30 teams to sell small advertising patches on jerseys beginning in the 2017-18 season.So why has only one team -- the Philadelphia 76ers -- made a deal, one that was announced the very first day deals could be done?We know it's  ...Read More >>>