[2016-11-07] Don’t Pour Remaining Cola Away. They Can Work Wonders!

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Remove rust
Cola is the "natural enemies" of rust. If there are a bunch of small parts that need to be derusted, just soak them in cola overnight, and then clean and dry them in the morning. You can also coat the rusty metal surface with a layer of cola, and then use gauze dipped with cola to wipe and remove rust.

Wash saucepan
It is hard to clean a burned saucepan. Just pour the cola into the saucepan and then boil it, and the burned stuff in the saucepan will be easily removed.

Clean jewelry
Put the jewelry into a coke cup, soak for ten minutes, and then use a toothbrush to clean them. This method can make your jewelry shiny again. Of course, those precious jewelry or the one with diamond should not use this method.

Clean the dirt
Cola contains citric acid, so cola works wonders for the removal of stubborn greasy material. Pour a can of cola on the oil contamination, and then wipe to easily degrease. In addition, in the toilet pour down a circle of cola, and then rinse with water; the toilet will have a new look.

Relieve pain
The chemical composition of cola has a strong analgesic effect to jellyfish sting. Drop the cola on the sting area, and you will feel the pain relief. Therefore, when playing on the beach, a bottle of Coke can not only quenches your thirst, but also has the medicinal effect. Of course, a doctor is needed for serious symptom.

Mix cola and ketchup in a one-to-one ratio to make a delicious barbecue sauce. Brushing the sauce before the barbecue, you can make mouth-watering delicious food. You can also use it and barbecue sauce 1: 1 to modulate the delicious marinade, or even use it to burn the whole chicken; cola chicken wing is nice. Carbohydrates will give the chicken a deep luster, with caramel flavor.

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