[2017-05-26] Drying wood with Logosol Vt5 4 Kw Sauno Wood Kiln Single Phase

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Logosol is a world leader in small scale wood processing equipment. The products are known for simplicity of design, reliability, and efficiency. Logosol offers the best woodworking machinery, with a wide range of saw mills, band saws, planers and other joinery machinery. New Swedish Drying Technology enables small-scale woodworkers to achieve better results in a shorter time period.

Logosol Vt5 4 Kw Sauno Wood Kiln Single Phase

The Sauno kiln runs on a 220VAC single phase power source and dries lumber with the help of steam and high temperatures. It releases tensions and gives straight lumber without cracks. It dries wood suitable for planning within a week. The prices are for the drying units. You yourself build the kiln box of insulated material. Mounts and building instructions are included. Drying wood is the hardest part (and the most time consuming) of the lumber making process. This new drying technology from Sweden now makes that part of the process more cost effective for small scale producers. It is also a DIY (Do It Yourself) solution, so the savings are even greater. The Sauno wood kiln is now available from Logosol in two sizes: 2000 and 4000 watt. This is a scalable Kiln, as several drying units can be installed to provide larger kiln capacities. The reason why it works so well is the drying method, which is called relax drying. This is the method that large sawmills use for drying their best lumber, in order to reduce the occurrence of cracking and other damages caused by accelerated drying. The problem when drying lumber, is that the wood is unwilling to let go of the water it contains. Otherwise the trees would not survive through long periods of drought or ground frost.

Logosol Vt5 4 Kw Sauno Wood Kiln Single Phase

By first heating up and steaming the lumber at high temperatures 70-75C (158-167F) the cell structure of the wood is changed, which makes it possible for water to move outwards from inside the wood. The next step is to dehumidify the lumber at 40-50C (104-122F). The result is lumber that is furniture dry and that has less cracks and dries straighter compared to air-dried lumber. But the greatest difference is the time it takes. The time varies depending on what type of wood you use and the desired moisture content. Logosol Vt5 4 Kw Sauno Wood Kiln Single Phase performs as it is designed.

Logosol Vt5 4 Kw Sauno Wood Kiln Single Phase
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