[2017-06-03] Easy to Use Dremel 1800-01 18-Inch Benchtop Variable Speed Scroll Saw

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A scroll saw is a small electric or pedal-operated saw used to cut intricate curves in wood, metal, or other materials. The fineness of its blade allows it to cut more delicately than a power jigsaw, and more easily than a hand coping saw. Like those tools, it is capable of creating curves with edges, by pivoting its table. As stationary tools go, scroll saws don't look like much. Even the biggest seem anemic alongside the average band saw. There's no fence or miter gauge--how accurate can they be? And forget about power--most only draw half the juice of a 3/8-in. drill. Turn one on and it doesn't even make that much noise. A real power tool that doesn't require a dedicated 20-amp circuit and ear protection? What's going on here?

Dremel 1800-01 18-Inch Benchtop Variable Speed Scroll Saw

This full-featured Scroll Station from Dremel is equipped with a power take off port for optimal scrolling versatility. A self-contained woodworking station, this machine also features an 18-inch throat depth design for cutting larger work pieces. A tool-less blade holder means fast and easy pin or plain-end blade changes and less downtime. An exclusive InfiniteCut blade holder rotates 90 degrees for infinite cutting length. A power takeoff port powers a 5-inch sanding disc (included) and Dremel's Flex Shaft model 225 (sold separately) as well. A smooth cast-iron table finish means smooth feeds and optimal support. Detents lock into place every 15 degrees up to 45 degrees to the left and at 5 degrees to the right with a positive stop at 0 degrees to square the table quickly and easily. A flexible LED light – lets you shine the light in any direction for improved visibility. The tool also features a multidirectional blower that keeps the cutting line clear for greater visibility. A convenient blade storage drawer keeps blades at your fingertips. And, top-mounted controls mean easy access, less downtime, and more scrolling productivity.

Dremel 1800-01 18-Inch Benchtop Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Is it really easy to use? Let’s read the review from Dremel 1800-01 18-inch benchtop variable speed scroll saw users. To my pleasant surprise, Dremel will replace the entire cast iron table. I expected that replacing the other parts would be no problem. It is not too hard to fix these problems. And there was no cost for the replacement parts. I would not buy the extension shaft. It is hard to remove the sanding disk. The Allen bit to fit the screw is metric, and must be on the end of about a 5" screwdriver type handle. An ordinary "L" shaped Allen wrench will not reach. My LED light is on a tight coiled shaft, and stays put now when new. I could anticipate, however, that in the future, there could be a movement problem. Taping a bent piece of #12 copper wire to the coiled LED light shaft may solve the movement that some reviewers have noted. Also the blower functions well and stays in place, and the blades are easy to change. The speed control allows good control, and overall, the saw is a good value for the money, since there was a very good Amazon sale. Having looked at other saws in similar price range, the Dremel has a bigger table, and sturdier construction. The attached sander is handy, but the little miter gauge is just plastic. All in all, this is good tool that works so great!

Dremel 1800-01 18-Inch Benchtop Variable Speed Scroll Saw
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