[2017-07-05] Easy-to-use GBC Velobind 4 Pin Debinder Tool - 9777078

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This article is going to introduce the easy-to-use GBC Velobind 4 Pin Debinder Tool – 9777078. The GBC four pin bind and debind tool is designed for use with GBC's four pin reclosable binding spines. It is a small hard plastic tool and includes features to help you bind and unbind your documents with four pin Velobind. Normally you will get one of these tools when you purchase a personal Velobind punch such as the V110e or V50. However users who have a larger hot knife binding system and want to bind documents with reclosable strips won't have one of these tools. Additionally, these tools are fairly small and can become lost or broken. In these cases, a replacement tool can be purchased.

GBC Velobind 4 Pin Debinder Tool - 9777078

GBC 4 Pin Velobind Debinder Tool - 9777078 The GBC 4 Pin Velobind Debinder tool is designed for use along with the Velobind V50 personal Velobinder, the Velobind V100 Electric Punch or the Velobind V110e Electric Punch. This convenient tool is used to help knock down the pins when using GBC's four pin reclosable Velobind binding strips. It can also be used along with GBC's six-pin reclosable binding strips. The four-pin Velobind debinder is designed to help in both binding and debinding your four-pin Velobound documents. While one side of the tool is dedicated to knocking down the reclosable pins, the other side of the tool includes a specialized debinding pin that can be used to unsnap the pins from the Velobind receiving strip. Normally these tools are only available when you purchase a Velobind V110e Velobind binding machine. However, if you need an extra tool or if you lose or break your tool, is one of the only places you can get these replacement tools. Please note, however, that these tools are not designed for binding or debinding 11-pin hot knife Velobind strips. In order to debind hot knife Velobind Strips or Surebind strips, you will need the GBC Velobind / Surebind Hotknife debinder tool that actually cuts the pins that bind your books together. REBATE: Get FREE tech gear with this purchase!

GBC Velobind 4 Pin Debinder Tool - 9777078

The Velobind four pin bind and debind tool is pretty easy to use and it can definitely help in assembling and editing your documents. However, it is only made out of plastic. Although it would be difficult to break the tool as a whole it is possible to break off the small debinding knob if you are not careful. Unfortunately, the tool is pretty much useless without the debinding knob. That just means that you need to be careful when you are lifting the pins from the receiving strip that you don't pry too hard. The binding and debinding process is still fairly manual even when using this tool. Unfortunately, that is the nature of four pin Velobinding. The tool will help to save you time over trying to bend the pins over by hand. It will also provide a tighter bind. However, you still need to deal with each pin individually and it can take quite a bit of time.

For organizations that are binding documents with reclosable four pin Velobind binding strips this tool is almost a necessity. Although it is possible to bind your documents by handScience Articles, the four pin bind and debinder tool will help increase productivity and make the binding process a lot easier. Just be careful with the debinding knob and you should be set to go.

GBC Velobind 4 Pin Debinder Tool - 9777078
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