[2017-06-12] Easy-to-use HF001.22.510 - Hafele - Zentrix Drilling System

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Drilling is a cutting process that uses a drill bit to cut a hole of circular cross-section in solid materials. The drill bit is usually a rotary cutting tool, often multipoint. The bit is pressed against the workpiece and rotated at rates from hundreds to thousands of revolutions per minute. This forces the cutting edge against the workpiece, cutting off chips (swarf) from the hole as it is drilled. In rock drilling, the hole is usually not made through a circular cutting motion, though the bit is usually rotated. Instead, the hole is usually made by hammering a drill bit into the hole with quickly repeated short movements. The hammering action can be performed from outside of the hole (top-hammer drill) or within the hole (down-the-hole drill, DTH). Drills used for horizontal drilling are called drifter drills.

HF001.22.510 - Hafele - Zentrix Drilling System

In rare cases, specially-shaped bits are used to cut holes of non-circular cross-section; a square cross-section is possible. HF001.22.510 - Hafele - Zentrix Drilling System is able to drill centered, perpendicular, and parallel holes. It fits electric drills with a 43mm diameter neck, with depth stop and two hex keys for installation of 50mm connectors. This device consists of a fixed inside tube to which a guide sleeve is mounted. On the end of the sleeve, an adjustable angle stop (to accommodate different panel thicknesses) is attached. The stop of the Zentix system is set to the workpiece to be connected, then the hole is drilled precisley in the center of the panel at the correct angle and parallel to the side. Use with 40mm and 50mm connectors.

HF001.22.510 - Hafele - Zentrix Drilling System

Is the Hafele product easy to use? Let’s get the reviews from users. I'm not sure what the Hafele drill looks like or costs, but if you have a Hettich rep. in your city, they sell a stepped drill bit. It steps down from 8mm to 5mm and its made exclusively for drilling the confirmat screw.
Let’s also get some information about the Hafele brand. The Häfele Group (Häfele GmbH & Co KG) is a German family enterprise with its head office in Nagold, Germany. Häfele is the leading international manufacturer and supplier of furniture fittings and architectural hardware, with subsidiaries in 150 countries. Häfele's furniture fittings (hinges, drawer systems, handles, connectors, ambient lighting), architecturalhardware (door hardware and electronic locking systems), and other related fittings are specifically designed for the furniture, building, and hardware supply industries. Häfele manufactures a diverse range of products from ironing boards to door closers. In the 2015 financial year the Häfele group had a turnover of 1.272 billion Euros with 37 subsidiaries in 6 continents. The turnover share abroad was 79%. The company has 7,100 employees worldwide.

HF001.22.510 - Hafele - Zentrix Drilling System
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