[2017-07-03] Easy-to-use NGINE IGNITON ANALYZER

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For people who have a car or any other vehicles, the NGINE IGNITON ANALYZER may be very helpful and necessary. Checkspark Engine Ignition Analyzer is able to troubleshoot your small engine or vehicle ignition problems without removing the spark plug or wires. This highly accurate diagnostic tool uses micro-circuit technology to help determine why the engine won't start. Simple to use and hands-free operation with self‐attaching clip. Just clip it on and turn it over - one of three LED's will indicate proper spark, shorted/fouled plug or open/broken spark plug wire. The product also features automatic on and off.


CheckSpark uses cutting - edge microcircuit design to diagnose most common engine problems! Figure out what's ailing your engine with CheckSpark! Safety tests for proper spark, shortened / fouled plugs and open or broken spark plug wires help you avoid high-priced diagnostic tests at the local garage. Universal design accommodates everything from a car, truck or boat engine, to personal watercraft, motorcycles, ATVs and more! It's easy to use, too... just clip the CheckSpark on to the spark plug wire and briefly turn over the engine, then one of the three diagnostic lights will indicate the condition of the ignition system. Troubleshooting pro: Works for small gas-powered engines, too (lawn mowers, string trimmers, chainsaws, edgers, snow / leaf blowers, pressure washers, power tillers, generators, O / B motors and go karts / mini bikes); For most 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines; Removing the clip from the spark plug wire automatically turns CheckSpark off.


How does the user think about the product NGINE IGNITON ANALYZER? It works well and is easy to use. I have broken two so they are not very ruggedly made but I am rough on them. After you start to use it you will not go back to the old fashioned way that is for sure. A+ even with the short lifespan if dropped. Do not drop it and you will love it!

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