[2017-06-21] Effective Stalker Imazapyr Herbicide for Bark and Cut Stump Applications

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The Stalker herbicide delivers you with reliable control of brush with basal bark applications cut stump or surface applications, and outstanding. The tank-mix Stalker herbicide which has triclopyr herbicide and youll achieve broad-spectrum, consistent control that you cant get with other herbicides. The Stalker herbicide reduces the resprouting so you dont need to re-treat. Alone with triclopyr, a single application may not be enough. But with Stalker herbicide it can assure you the mix; usually one treatment is usually which makes it takes to achieve long-lasting control.

Stalker Imazapyr Herbicide for Bark and Cut Stump Applications

Basal application combines the herbicide with an oil penetrant and applies the mixture directly to the bark of a standing tree. For trees that are less than 6-inches in diameter and have smooth bark, this method is frequently successful. However, it is important that the lower 12 to 18 inches of the stem be treated on all sides with the herbicide/oil mixture (Figure 2). Adequate coverage is essential, since treating only one side of the stem will result in controlling only half of the tree. Basal applications can be made any time of the year, but control may be reduced when trees are flushing new growth in the spring. Winter is often the easiest time to do basal treatments as temperatures are cooler and many tress and surrounding herbaceous plants are dormant.

Control of woody perennials can be difficult, but several control techniques are available. Mowing is a commonly used control procedure for small brush because the equipment is readily available and the results are immediate. However, this method generally provides only short-term success because it leaves live stumps and root-stocks that re-sprout. Mowing some species, like Chinese tallow, worsens the situation by replacing a single stemmed plant with a stump with multiple re-sprout stems. Another strategy that can reduce some troublesome species is fire. However, fire can be tricky to manage, and it is difficult to generate a fire with sufficient heat capacity to kill most hardwood species along fencerows, ditch banks, and other sites with low plant density.

Stalker Imazapyr Herbicide for Bark and Cut Stump Applications

Herbicides are often the most effective and inexpensive means of controlling woody plants. There are several application techniques that can be used to control trees and brush of various sizes. Not all brush species are equally susceptible to herbicides. Therefore, results may vary for any of these application methods, relative to brush size and species. Each application technique will be subsequently discussed.

Stalker Imazapyr Herbicide for Bark and Cut Stump Applications
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