[2016-10-15] Even If I'm Old, I Will Always Be Your Guardian, Dear Mother

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The story happened in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China. In the Yongkang River of the city, people often see a middle-aged man who holds a white-haired old woman and chats in the river. A passerby photographed them and sent to the circle of friends, and the picture was forwarded by a lot of people immediately.

After several turnovers, the middle-aged man in the picture was finally contacted. It turned out that, the middle-aged man is called Zhang Yongkang, at the age of 51, while the old woman held on his arms is his mother and 82 years old this year.

Why does he often hold his mother and chat on the riverside? Zhang Yongkang has his own ideas.

Originally in 2014, Zhang Yongkang's mother suffered from cardiovascular disease, and she always liked to lie in bed at the beginning, with legs bent. Later her legs cannot straighten and she cannot walk gradually.

Since then, taking care of his mother, is one of the most important things in Zhang Yongkang's life.

"My mother cannot walk, eat meat and speak." Zhang Yongkang said, the only thing he can do is to let his mother lie in his arms and grab her hands, with more physical contact, "It gives her some safety sense somehow."

Walking on the riverside with his mother, is what Zhang Yongkang often does. Beside the river, he also keeps talking with his mother, about urban changes, work and life.

Very often, although his mother can only use soft voice like "ah", "ah" to respond, Zhang Yongkang enjoys the subtle blend of emotions. "Mom occasionally touched my hand with her thumb." This reminds Zhang Yongkang his childhood that, he used to lying in his mother's arms, enjoying the warmth and safety brought by his mother who was patting his back.

Zhang Yongkang said: "Now what I do, is exactly what my mom did for me when I was a child."

Zhang Yongkang needs to hold his mother down the stair from the fourth floor. Although the weight of the elderly is very light, from the fourth floor to the first floor, the 51-year-old son is still panting, while Zhang Yongkang feels that everything is worth it.

Zhang Yongkang is very busy with his work, but he always gets up early. Before going to work every day, he will accompany her mother and speak; in the evening after getting off work, if the weather is good, he will hold her mother out and chat.

Zhang Yongkang feels that all what he has done is just what he should do.

What is the energy to make the middle-aged man, insist in doing the same thing for so many years? He simply says:

"When I was a child my mother held me and walked beside this river like this, so now it is my turn to hold her."

Wish all mothers in the world good health.
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