[2017-06-17] Good Effect Lloyds All Purpose Cleaner FREE SHIPPING 5-27oz bottles

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Can one product really clean all the hard surfaces in your home without streaking or damaging them? We tested liquid and spray cleaners, including some that make green claims, on a variety of soils and soap scum to see which ones could remove the most with the least effort. All-purpose, hard-surface cleaners and concentrates are normally formulated for dilution. The major solvent in these formulations is diethylene glycol n-butyl ether. An alternative is the blend of oxygenated solvents, along with lower levels of the surfactant. This avoids irritation from the solvent while maintaining cleaning performance and reducing smearing of cleaned surfaces.

Lloyds All Purpose Cleaner FREE SHIPPING 5-27oz bottles

Can one household cleaner vanquish tough kitchen stains such as grease and grape juice, soap scum and other bathroom scourges, and stubborn mineral deposits left by hard water? To find out, we applied those and other common stains to tiles, sprayed or wiped on several all-purpose cleaners, and inserted the tiles into our scrubbing apparatus, which gave each tile the same number of swipes with a paper towel. We also conducted a staining test, in which we let the all-purpose cleaners sit overnight on common kitchen and bathroom surfaces, as they might after an unnoticed spill.

Lloyds All Purpose Cleaner FREE SHIPPING 5-27oz bottles

Old Laundry Stains will come out of garments that NO OTHER cleaner will remove. Spray Lloyd's on your vinyl or steel house siding and simply rinse with a garden hose. Then- All the dirt, mildew, dust and pollen come off, customers order our products over and over. Lloyd's All Purpose Cleaner, clean walls & floors really clean and remove stains. Lloyd's All Purpose Cleaner is biodegradeable and cuts kitchen grease fast. Lloyd's All Purpose Cleaner, since 1987 the leading performance cleaner on any store shelf, The standard by which others are measured.

Lloyds All Purpose Cleaner FREE SHIPPING 5-27oz bottles
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