[2017-05-07] High Quality ADP-062 PLCC32-DIP32 Professional ZIF Adapter

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In the field of computer hardware, the term programmer, chip programmer or device programmer refers to an electronic equipment that configures programmable non-volatile integrated circuits (called programmable devices) such as EPROMs, EEPROMs, Flashes, eMMC, MRAM, FRAM, NV RAM, PALs, FPGAs or programmable logic circuits... It is for programming a device (IC) which is either inserted into a socket (often ZIF) on top of the programmer, or the programmer is directly connected by an adapter to the circuit board (on-board programming: in-circuit programming / in-system programming).

ADP-062 PLCC32-DIP32 professional ZIF adapter

Afterwards the data is transferred from the programmer into the device by applying signals through the connecting pins. Some devices have a serial interface for receiving the programming data (JTAG interface). Other devices require the data on parallel pins, followed by a programming pulse with a higher voltage for programming the data into the device. Zero insertion force (ZIF) is a type of IC socket or electrical connector that requires very little force for insertion. With a ZIF socket, before the IC is inserted, a lever or slider on the side of the socket is moved, pushing all the sprung contacts apart so that the IC can be inserted with very little force - generally the weight of the IC itself is sufficient and no external downward force is required. The lever is then moved back, allowing the contacts to close and grip the pins of the IC. ZIF sockets are much more expensive than standard IC sockets and also tend to take up a larger board area due to the space taken up by the lever mechanism. Therefore they are only used when there is a good reason to do so.

ADP-062 PLCC32-DIP32 professional ZIF adapter

This is a long life professional PLCC32-DIP32 ZIF(Zero Insertion Force) version adapter. And it will work on any programmer, such as: Standard/Enhanced/True-USB Willem EPROM programmer/All TOP series/EasyPro series/Wellon,Weilei series/SuperPRO series and all other brand universal programmer. Device support 27,28,29,39,49 EPROM, EEPROM,Flash devices. This can be professional grade socket.

ADP-062 PLCC32-DIP32 professional ZIF adapter
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