[2017-04-08] High-quality and Cost-effective WD My Passport 2TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive (WDBY8L0020BRD-NESN)

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Do you every fall into the trouble when you want to store important data but the space on your computer is not enough? Have you ever felt frustrated when you accidentally lose files and information saved on a USB hard drive? Or what’s worse, do you ever suffer from the data loss for someone stole your information by decrypt your password for the hard drive? Well, if these situation every happened, My Passport 2TB Red portable hard drive should be a good choice for you.

WD My Passport 2TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive Storage Red (WDBY8L0020BRD-NESN)

Portable hard drive is a necessary device for a personal computer, and My Passport 2TB Red portable hard drive is outstanding for its high quality and good performance. It is manufactured by Western Digital with some popular colors, like red, blue, black and silver. The hard drive has sleek compact design with large storage. And the super-fast data transfers with USB 3.0 interface, while bot USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 are compatible. Meanwhile, it can automatically back up and protect your password and encrypt the hardware to avoid data losing. With 2-Year Limited Warranty, you can freely take this product without any worry.

Featuring the USB 3.0 connectivity, My Passport 2TB Red portable hard drive has been a popular device. It offers high capacity in a sleek portable drive. With the automatic, backup software, My Passport works quietly in the background to help safeguard your data using less PC resources. Whenever you add or change a file, it's instantly backed up. This is very convenience and useful, isn't it? Meanwhile, My Passport is the ideal companion for anyone with lots of videos, photos, music, and files that they want to help protect and take on the road, since it offers high capacity in a compact drive. Furthermore, it should be a very attractive feature that you can use WD Security to set password protection and hardware encryption and protect your files from unauthorized use or access.

WD My Passport 2TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive Storage Red (WDBY8L0020BRD-NESN)

Well, after personal use of WD My Passport 2TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive, I definitely would like to recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good hard drive. I picked myself out a RED 1TB drive which is a cool color and didn't mind paying the premium price for it. In the meanwhile, I took this fantastic Case Logic QHDC-101 Hard Case on Amazon for $10. It's the perfect complement to the red hard drive that fits inside snuggly. When using it, I put a lot of software on my laptop and did quite a bit of movie editing; hard drive space is a premium. Hence, I run iTunes off an external drive instead of taking up space on the Macbook, which allows me to handle nearly 200GB of music easily. Anyhow, I have to say, using the Western Digital MY PASSPORT on a Mac is as simple as opening the package, plugging the USB cord into the Macbook, and then formatting it using Disk Utilities. And, to finish these operations, it spent less than 4 minutes.

For any users who also use it in Mac, I would like to share my steps on how to get to use the hard drive: (1) Plug in the drive via USB connection; (2) Go to APPLICATIONS -> UTILITIES -> DISK UTILITY; (3) Click on the hard drive icon located at the very top left sidebar; (4) Select the ERASE tab and FORMAT in Max OSX Extended (Journaled). Assign your drive a name if you wish. That's it. This is very simple, isn’t it? While completing the steps above, I found the drive works incredibly fast. I think it should be due to its USB 3.0 compatibility, which is backwards-compatible with USB 2.0. Without making out any noise and releasing any heat, WD My Passport 2TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive is just so perfect. Do you also like this high-quality and cost-effective hard drive?

WD My Passport 2TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive Storage Red (WDBY8L0020BRD-NESN)
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