[2017-06-19] High-quality and Easy-to-Install WARN 69501 WARN H2 Winch Bumper Kit

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Brushbars (or bush bars) are similar to bullbars, often integrated into the bullbar design. They protect the front of the vehicle, especially headlights, from brush and small trees. Bullbars incorporating a winch are often known as "winch bumpers". As a safety feature, traditional bars are built to protect the vehicle, which is considered less safe than allowing controlled deformation to absorb kinetic energy during a collision. Modern design of bullbars and roo bars has advanced, so some vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket companies now offer impact bars which integrate with the vehicle safety system, such as activation of airbags after collision with the bullbar. Plastic bullbars made from materials such as polyethylene are designed to act like a spring and deflect due to the force of a collision so that the vehicle is still driveable after striking an animal. These designs are more "pedestrian friendly" than the same vehicle without any bullbar.

WARN 69501 WARN H2 Winch Bumper Kit

The WARN 69501 WARN H2 Winch Bumper Kit includes the following features: Installs on factory grille guard and retains factory tow loops; Made of 11-gauge steel with powder coat finish; comes with mounting brackets; Fits tight to ensure off-road performance is maintained; Compatible with Hummer Accessory Grille Guard and Fog Lights; Provides easy access to clutch lever and remote control plug-in. WARN combination winch mount and bumper for specific model Hummer. Compatible with the Hummer factory grille guard. The bumper is a heavy-duty 1/8" 11-gauge steel (with 1/4" steel mounting brackets) in a durable black powder coat finish. Overall, the bumper fits high and tight, preserving the H2's approach angle for superior off-road performance. Features include: retains factory tow loops, easy access to clutch lever and remote control plug-in of winch, has minimum effect on approach angles, compatible with Hummer accessory grille guard and the Hummer accessory fog lights. The winch mount is designed especially for use with WARN 9.5xp winch (69502) sold separately.

WARN 69501 WARN H2 Winch Bumper Kit

It fits perfect and is easy to install. Everything looks great. It fits many types of winches. There are many aspects relating to the proper construction of a bullbar. It is widely accepted that the channel section which provides the strength for the protection system must be constructed from one piece of material and free from sections bolted on or welded together. The thickness of the material is something which should be considered when choosing a bullbar, generally the thicker the material, the stronger the product delivering greater protection. The grade of material is also important, products manufactured from steel or hi-tensile/structural grade alloys are stronger than a standard alloy or polymer products. The product WARN 69501 WARN H2 Winch Bumper Kit should be your good choice to meet your need.

WARN 69501 WARN H2 Winch Bumper Kit
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