[2017-06-19] High-quality FXI 4001709 Sofa Sleeper Mattress Brings Convenience for Sleep

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With the shrinking sizes of new houses there is often a problem of accommodating an extra bed. A very practical solution to that is to have a sleeper sofa mattress that functions as a two-in-one. During the day it works as a sofa in the living room while at night it doubles up as a bed. A sofa bedmattress is the perfect choice for a bachelor pad as it saves a lot of space in small sized rooms and is economical also. The product here we are going to introduce is FXI 4001709 Sofa Sleeper Mattress.

FXI 4001709 Sofa Sleeper Mattress - Full

It's not only the shrinking size of houses only but also the shrinking size of families that makes a sofabed mattress a must have under the circumstances. The reason is not difficult to guess. You are a small family in a small home, but what happens if you have a guest for a night or two! Here, your sleeper sofa mattress stretches to a full-length mattress to accommodate your guest. Even your kids can take turns for using the sofa at night. You get these mattresses in many sizes, colors and designs. This Full-size memory foam mattress manufactured by FXI folds into your sofa sleeper with ease. The mattresss is constructed with 1.5 inches of premium 4-pound Visco Elastic memory foam. The Modern Sleep Sofa Bed Mattress is a compact memory foam mattress that fits perfectly into your sofa and then returns back to its original shape. Two layers of foam work together to provide a plush yet durable and supportive sleeping surface, free of pressure points! Pressure-relieving design. Alleviates pressure points. Aligns spine for optimal sleep. Folds inside couch and returns to shape when pulled out. Cotton cover. 2.5" plush visco-elastic memory foam layer. 2" orthopedic support foam layer.

FXI 4001709 Sofa Sleeper Mattress - Full

What makes the FXI 4001709 Sofa Sleeper Mattress - Ful superior? Industry Leading 5 year Manufacturer's Warranty Most RV mattresses come without any kind of warranty. We offer a nearly unbeatable 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty. The product has the following features and benefits: Proudly Made in the USA Both our foam manufacturing and product assembly is done in the USA. The FXI 4001709 Sofa Sleeper Mattress has highest quality Materials! No fillers, no toxic additives and no harmful gases!

FXI 4001709 Sofa Sleeper Mattress - Full
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