[2017-06-21] High-quality Sheen Kleen Inc Mr. Thirsty Water Eater Soaking up Water Easily

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Sheen Kleen Inc Mr. Thirsty Water Eater is a product with extremely effective function, and can soak up over 1000% of its weight in water & water-based liquids, up to one gallon. Mr Thirsty Water Eater helps prevent water damage by absorbing leaks and cleaning flooded areas quickly. A super absorbent product, Mr Thirsty quickly soaks up over 1000% of its weight in water & water-based liquids, up to one gallon! This flexible durable product is your essential for controlling leaking basement walls, water heaters, water damage to walls, wood floors & carpets. Use Mr. Thirsty for leaking washing machines, air conditioners, appliances & drains, windows, & sliding glass doors.

Sheen Kleen Inc Mr. Thirsty Water Eater

Mr. Thirsty quickly decreases water damage, dampness & mildew. Saves you money & time on repairs. Mister Thirsty is the Original Water Eater, amazing absorption locks in up to 10 pounds of water, liquid or oil. Shaped like an elephant trunk sponge, this long grey water absorber is 100% organic, non-toxic and safe to use at home, cottage or office. Measures 36" long & 2" in diameter. The amazing Water Eater can be quickly molded to the shape of most surfaces where it is placed. Once the job is done and the leak has been contained, Mr Thirsty returns to its original size & capacity through natural evaporation allowing it to be continuously reused. The Original Water Eater is a useful product to have on hand for unexpected fridge or washer leaks, damp drains & soggy basement areas, condensation, mildew, unexpected puddles & even floods. Mr. Thirsty The Original Water Eater can be used in any area that has condensation, water leakage, dampness or mildew. Made of super absorbent compounds which absorb and lock in more than ten pounds of liquid. After it's been absorbed, the liquid can't be pressed out and it won't leak out. Will evaporate and return to normal size to place around appliance or area. During dry spells, Mr Thirsty also doubles up to work as a draft stopper if needed. This unrivaled water absorbing product works wonders in a leaky crisis or flooding situation. Keep on hand in case of an emergency.

Sheen Kleen Inc Mr. Thirsty Water Eater

User review one: I've been using these for years with excellent results. I'm glad that they are still available. To be clear, they are not for handling very large amounts of water. They won't clean up a flooded basement. If you have a steady flow of water under a door, they won't handle most of that either. But, I've used them at the bottom of basement windows to absorb condensation that otherwise would roll down the wall and onto furniture. I've also used them to absorb water pooling at the bottom of a basement wall after a heavy rain--a lot cheaper than installing a sump. After some years of use, they do get ugly-looking and probably don't continual absorbing at the same rate. But for 2-5 years, they work just fine.

User review two: These Water Eaters are high quality and last a long time. It's quite nice to no longer have the yearly invasion of crickets, several of which liked to hide under the upright piano so that their already obnoxious noise could be further amplified and sustained. It's reassuring to know that after a hard rain I won't be faced with the task of removing dozens of worms while the students shriek in grossed-out dismay as though they (the students!) didn't regularly play gory video games and watch horror movies. Water Eaters dry quickly and never smell stale or moldy. Buying Water Eaters with my own money has been much more effective than my seven years worth of official requests to have weather stripping installed on the steel doors.

Sheen Kleen Inc Mr. Thirsty Water Eater
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