[2016-11-10] How to get away from kidnapping but your hands are tied by cable tie as you are kidnapped?

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If you are unlucky to be kidnapped and your hands are tied by nylon cable tie, how can you untie cable tie and escape when the kidnapper does not notice what you are doing? There are some tips to show you how to get away from kidnapping place. You could bookmark the post and share it to friends who want to learn.

At the beginning, you need to undo one of shoelaces.

Next, you should tie the two ends of one shoelace. And then you need to get the rope through the cable tie. Then, you should rope around the two sides of shoes.

What’s more, your feet continuously move up and down. Let the rope continuously rub the nylon cable tie.

In the end, you just need to rub the cable tie for several times. Soon the cable tie will be quickly cut off from your hands. With this chance, you can escape quietly. This is a very good opportunity. Whatever it might happen as you are kidnapped, you just don’t forget to catch any chances to escape and keep yourself safely.

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