[2016-11-10] How to Maintain Lasting Manicure and Attention

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To DIY a manicure, in addition to the preparation of professional tools and nail polish, some matters that need to pay attention to when do nails are also ignorable. It is important to master the necessary manicure tips in order to create a perfect nail modeling.

Basic manicure and clean nail surface

Before manicure, first polish and smooth nails, and clean fingertip and nail surface. Use a cotton pad stained with nail polish remover to wipe the nail surface, so that the grease and impurities on the surface will be gotten rid of. This will make nails keep lasting bright.

Remember to apply base oil

Base oil is very important, since it can not only prevent nails from corrosion, but also avoid nails being dyed into dark yellow, so that the hardness of nails can be increased to make them easily colored with oil polish. And the color is stable and not easy to fall off. Simply paint each nail surface with base oil and dry it naturally.

Tips on coating with colored nail polish

When applying nail polish, first coat the nail tip, and then coat from the root to the tip. If the nail root is first coated, nail polish on the tip will be too thin, so nail polish on fingertips will first fall off. Be careful nail polish should not touch the skin around the nails, but also should not be too far away, because if the gap is too large, then water can easily get inside and lead to nail polish to fall off. It is recommended that when applying nail polish, hold a tennis ball or other objects of the same size, which is conducive to apply nail polish. If the nail polish happens to be applied to the nail edge, you should quickly use a cotton swab to scrape the undried nail polish.

Do not press hard

When applying the nail polish, do not flat press the nail polish brush on the nail, otherwise it is very easy to make nail polish rugged. The correct method of application is to gently stroke the nail surface with nail polish brush, and gently apply the nail polish.

Apply bright oil

Applying bright oil is the last step of manicure, which is necessary about once every three days so as to prevent the decolorization, crack and peeling off of nail polish. It may also make nails appear bright luster, with more lasting color.
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