[2016-09-22] How to make silk stockings stand wear and tear? Put Silk Stockings into the Fridge!

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Silk stockings are used to be common products by ladies. However, they are vulnerable products and so easy to be broken. So many ladies are frustrated that they need to frequently buy new silk stockings because of that problem.

1 If you don't want to often spend money buying a lot of silk stockings,
2 If you don't want to be embarrassed in the formal occasion because the silk stockings are suddenly broken,

You could follow the tips as following:

Don't open the silk stockings when you buy a new one. And you could directly put the silk stockings into the fridge for 1 day. After that, you need to take it out of the fridge and place it about half a day. Because the change of temperature could improve the tenacity of silk stockings, the cooling silk stockings can't be easily broken.

So, let's make an experience with this method and see what the actual effect is.

There are some unopened and new silk stockings.

Put two pieces of silk stockings into the fridge.

Then, it takes the whole day to do this experience. So see you tomorrow.

24 hours later

Take the silk stockings out of the fridge. And then place them for several hours to let the silk stockings return to the normal temperature condition.

Oh dear, in order to do this experience, we have waited for such long time. We are eager to see the effect of the experience.




Finally, the silk stockings have returned to the normal temperature. So let’s start to check if the silk stockings become more elastic.

Manually stretch the frozen silk stockings, no matter from which angle to pull the silk stockings, the first feeling is that it is more difficult to pull the silk stockings than before it hadn’t been frozen. Thus it needs to use a little more strength to pull but it feels very strong.

Is the quality of this pair of silk stockings we choose especially good?

Fortunately, we have frozen two pairs of silk stockings. Then we specially find a fork which is used to slide across the other frozen silk stockings and there is no damage on the stockings.

Obviously, the frozen silk stockings certainly wear well.

Why the frozen silk stockings are more durable and the pulled open range gets shorter?

That is because the frozen effect locks up the water of fiber so that it could enhance the strength of the silk stockings and avoid the fiber of silk stockings relaxes too fast. Thus, this will extend the time for wearing silk stockings. Meanwhile, the water was lost so that the elasticity of stockings will be slightly weaker. But it will not affect the normal use.

In the end, let's see what it feels like after wearing the frozen silk stockings:

You will feel a little bit tighter than the normal stockings as you wear the frozen silk stockings. And you will feel that the legs are packaged by stockings which are close to the skin. Moreover, formerly when you squatted down, usually it will appear the fold and overlapping stockings on the heels and knees areas. Now although there are still fold and overlapping stockings in these areas, the problem is much less than before.

Anyway, we hope this experience is useful for ladies and wish all ladies have a good mood every day.
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