[2016-10-27] How to remove towels odor? Towels odor removal is so easy!

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Every day, one person usually uses 4-5 pieces of towels. And they are used separately for washing faces, washing feet, taking a shower and daily maintaining. It is not difficult to find that the towels will be sticky and smell after you use the towels for a long time. So in this case, what can we do as the towel is sticky and smell.

Usually people are used to wash towel with soap. Then, it is available to scrub them with concentrated brine. (You could put a teaspoon of fine salt on one towel.) Next you need to do is scrub it with warm water and then wash it with clean water. At that time, the towel will not smell and sticky any more. What’s more, if you want to get the towel which is used for washing face back to the soft look, the most effective method is to use the pot to cook it for 30 minutes with water plus washing powder.

It is so easy to clean towel well, isn’t it? However, if the towel is used for more than 2 months, it is highly recommended you to change a new one. As a matter of fact, it is important to choose a suitable towel. In this case, some experts list some tips to handle it:
1.The towel should be soft, good water absorption and 100% cotton.
2.Acoording to the different users to purchase towel. Children should choose plain small towels. And delicate skin or easily allergic people should select the low pile and low density towels. Males are fast metabolism so that they are more suitable for thick, large friction surface of the towels.
3.The high-quality towels let you feel soft, fluffy and elastic, uniform terry, neat edge seam and no smell. But the poor-quality towels are the opposite feeling.
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