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[2016-07-22] Japanese Media Said: Japanese Women Don’t Want Their Boyfriend to Engage Three Kinds of Jobs

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Leading: Japanese Peachy website on July 17th inventories what are the jobs that Japanese woman don’t their boyfriend to do. . These occupations have three things "working more physical touch," "mostly romantic character," "mostly muscular, body fit" in common.

Ranked first is masseur industry with mostly romantic handsome guys. Japanese women have views about this:
They had ever heard that some men became a masseur because they had a bad motive that they could touch female’s body.
"My friends had had experience of victims. Physical contact is inevitable because of the properties of massage, but we would feel sick if we were doing massage as well as flirting.
Actually, in a separated room, it is very possible to narrow the sense of distance between each other because of the physical touch. There are so many women who have been asked for contact information.

In most people's minds, the Firefighters are holding an image of serious civil servants. However, according to Japanese women reflect their realities, the fact is actually ......
Even though only met once at the time of friendship party, they are very clingy and let me feel that they are very desired for women.”
"Muscled looks very sought-after romantic man" Firefighters, it is precisely because usually they are required carefully and seriously to be on official duties, so privately they are so indulgent, what a huge contrast?”
"But it's true that most people who engaged in dangerous occupations will have a strong idea which they instinctively want to have future generations. So they have strong sexual desire."
Although they usually fire, but maybe women like to play with fire ......"
Japanese women said "Even though they usually do extinguishing, but maybe they would like to play with women like to play with fire ......"

3. Fitness coach

The third one is fitness coach. They always have been very popular among Japanese women. What do the Japanese females think of the fitness coach?
Many women probably like "Boys who are very good at doing sports." from primary school!

"Women have always been subject to 'kind tender', 'we will patiently answer questions' and many other acclaimed fitness trainer, is undoubtedly the heartthrob of many women's hearts."

The fitness coach who got many kinds of favorable reception like" has always been a woman 'warm and gentle', 'will be patient to answer questions', there is no doubt that the fitness coach will be heartthrob in women. "

There are a lot of fitness coaches that "Having the perfect body, excellent muscles, handsome look”
“There will certainly be a lot of body touching when they are teaching action. Jealous woman should be denied such a delight."

The above is the Japanese women voted three occupations that they do not want their boyfriends do. Of course, everything can not be generalized, in these three kinds of occupation there are certainly and seriously good man. But in these three types of men, it is best to refer to the above advice. You could mentally prepare minds in advance.
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