[2017-04-14] Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Excellent Design and Amazing Sound Quality - Black Platinum and Many More Colors

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Wireless speakers are a commonly used device among people who prefer simple and tasteful life. They are loudspeakers that use radio frequency (RF) waves to receive audio signals rather than over audio cables. The two most popular RF frequencies that support audio transmission to wireless loudspeakers include a variation of WiFi IEEE 802.11 while others depends on Bluetooth to transmit audio data to the receiving speaker. Debuted in 2011 the Jawbone Jambox became one of the first big-name portable Bluetooth speakers when it. Jawbone introduced the larger, more expensive Big Jambox and later the new Mini Jambox. You will definitely love this Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker due to its excellent quality and performance.

Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black Platinum (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

At a suitable size, the Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is with Height 280 hundredths-inches, length 960 hundredths-inches, width 660 hundredths-inches and weight 140 hundredths-pounds. The product provides several different colors, Black Diamond, Black Diamond, Black Diamond, Gold Hex, Gray Hex and Red Dot. Therefore, you can simply pick your favorite color. The wireless portable speaker is able to connect with mobile phones, computers, tablets, iPods or any other Bluetooth device. It is available to seamlessly stream and share music, movies, games, phone and conference calls anywhere. What’s more, the two highly powerful acoustic drivers and ultra-small dome produce a wide audio spectrum. Meanwhile, the device can be updated with apps, software and new features via Jawbone's MyTalk portal.

With the Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, you can listen to audio wherever you want - from room to room in the home or while on the go. As it is light-weight, you are free yourself from the clutter of big, dedicated speakers and the constraints of cables and docking stations. It is not exaggerated that JAMBOX portability solves all of your listening needs in one small package. It allows you to experience big stereo sound and earth-shaking bass in the palm of your hand. Meanwhile, using JAMBOX as a portable speakerphone you can share calls.

Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black Platinum (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The product gets very good reviews from its users. And, as for me, I think the speakerphone performance was good, no problems there. It has excellent design, amazing sound quality, excellent battery life, and is very portable, easy to use and pair with a device. My connection when streaming from both an iPhone and an Android smartphone was mostly steady. I had a few dropouts (Bluetooth doesn't transmit very well through your body so you can sometimes end up blocking the transmission), but I found the connection pretty reliable and the range pretty good. I had no problem streaming from up to 30 feet away. And after pairing with the speaker once, as long as Bluetooth was enabled on my smartphone, my phone automatically reconnected to the speaker as soon as I turned the speaker on. The product comes with an ac/dc adapter with usb and 2 usb cords, one short and one long. So, it is really convenient for using.

Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black Platinum (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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