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[2016-08-18] Kobe Bryant Could Offer to Help Laker Players - Kobe Bryant’s Retirement Life (Grow Beards)

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Kobe Bryant is a retired basketball player. And with retirement life, Kobe has learned to relax and stop expending unnecessary energy. Most notably, Kobe has stopped shaving to the point that he’s looking to rock a dope retirement beard.

Jon Stewart and David Letterman would approve the effort.

But the NBA season is quickly approaching, and Bryant’s life is about to be without NBA basketball for the first time in. He had played Basketball in NBA for 20 years.

It’s understandable that Kobe Bryant is having some trouble moving on. He’s even offered to mentor any young Lakers player who desires some extra coaching or wants to be yelled at by an all-time great.
Bryant added some humor into his message. He first talked about how much he enjoyed watching Griffey play, then he said that hey, since they’re both retired, maybe he could help him with his golf swing (Griffey has a smooth swing). Bryant admitted that he could use some help, though he added he’s not as bad as Charles Barkley.

“I would love to come by. I’ve spoken with Luke several times, Shaw as well. I let the players know that I’m always around, man. I’m always around. If they wanna come out, and work out, wake up early in the morning to work out, walk them through some things.” Kobe said in an interview with TWC Sports net:

Basically, Kobe Bryant is offering to be the Lakers’ equivalent of Chipper Jones and hang out around the team. It was cool at first, but like Chipper, we can expect Kobe to grow tired of being that old guy and start enjoying retirement.

Let’s talk about his face look, back to the beard. Kobe was quite proud of the beard.

“I feel good just to be able to grow some kind of hair since I can’t grow none on my head anymore. I can grow some on my face … I just call it the retired caveman look.”

I think Kobe Bryant was giving himself a little too much credit about that beard. It’s a solid start — a necessary step. But if he wants “retired caveman,” he needs to give Letterman a call.
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