[2016-07-28] Latest Apple IOS 10 – 4 Characteristics Let You Update IOS 10 for Apple iPhone and iPad

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There are 4 best features in the latest Apple IOS 10 so it is amazing to update to IOS 10 for your iPhone and iPad. You could know how good iso 10 is from the following 4 features.

Features No.1: Photos

Apple is catching up with Google when it comes to its Photos app. In iOS 10 the app can now perform scene and object recognition, so you can search for things like dogs or New York City and the app will pull up photos showing those items. You can already do that in Google’s Photos app, but Apple is obviously hoping it can bring back some users that have left for its rival’s offering.

Apple has updated the Photos app with a new Memories feature.
A new Memories tab organizes photos based on where you took them and with whom you took them. At the top of each entry is a premade movie created using all of the photos and videos you took on your trip. It’s a pretty neat feature that will inevitably make you wish you were still on your vacation.

Features No.2. Siri

Everyone’s favorite voice assistant, Siri, has also received a bump with iOS 10 in that it is now available to developers. That means you’ll be able to use Siri to send messages via third-party apps like WeChat, Slack and Whatsapp, which should prove extremely useful when behind the wheel. So Siri is now more functional in iOS 10.
You can also use Siri to get an Uber or Lyft, perform voice searches for photos, make payments and start and stop workouts. It’s nice to see Siri being opened up like this, but the voice assistant still won’t prove as useful as something like Amazon’s Alexa until it breaks free of your smartphone and can be used in a larger device in the home.

Features No.3. Apple Music

Apple Music also received a major update, with a new interface that looks far easier to navigate with big, bold text. The Now Playing screen is much more attractive and less bland and now includes lyrics. Spotify also includes lyrics, but only on the desktop version.

The For You section is also far less convoluted and seems more inviting than its current incarnation. That said, it’s hard to say whether consumers will want to give Apple Music a try after its rocky start. And pulling people away from Spotify could prove a difficult proposition for Apple Music. It continues to get songs and albums from the likes of Taylor Swift whose offerings aren’t available on Spotify.

Features No.4. Maps

After a rocky start in 2012, Apple’s Maps is now a solid alternative to Google Maps. And now Apple Maps is getting some improvements that bring it more in line with its rival, though don’t outdo it. New proactive features let you see when you do things like when you usually leave for work or upcoming appointments and will provide you with the best route for that time.

That said, Google Now can also show you when you normally leave for work and the best route. And it seems to make more sense to get updates like that through something like Google Now. After all, why would you look in your Maps app to check your upcoming appointments?

Maps has also gotten some needed tweaks.

You can also search for general locations like seafood restaurants using the improved search tool, which actually looks easier to use than Google Maps’ own search function.

Maps’ navigation feature now gets traffic on route, letting you plan ahead to see what traffic will be like and automatically get alternate routes based on traffic conditions (all of which Google Maps does).

Like many of Apple’s other services, Maps has also been opened to third-party developers. So you can book a restaurant with OpenTable and get an Uber there from within Maps. Google Maps also lets you make a reservation with OpenTable and call and Uber — but you have to leave the app to do the latter, which isn’t as efficient as Apple Maps.
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