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[2016-08-04] LeBron James championships - How many rings does LeBron James have in NBA team

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Do you know LeBron James’s goal he set for himself?
How many rings does Bebron have during playing basketball in NBA by now?
What does LeBron James play for? Any idea!

LeBron James is spending his summer sitting on top of the basketball world, celebrating the achievement of the goal he set for himself two summers back — returning home to win the first NBA championship in Cleveland Cavaliers history in 52 years. After winning the third championship and third NBA Finals Most Valuable Player award of his career — and, on top of that, becoming the first player ever to lead all player on both Finals teams in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks, all in the service of leading an unprecedented comeback from a 3-1 Finals deficit against the Golden State Warriors, who had won more regular-season games than any other team in NBA history — some began to wonder whether the time had finally come to seriously state King James’ case for the throne of the greatest basketball player of all time.

Has LeBron James been afraid of top competitors like Michael Jordan?
We learned in 2012, after SI named James its Sportsman of the Year following his first championship victory with the Miami Heat, that the screensaver on his smartphone was “a Photoshop image of himself handling the ball while guarded by Michael Jordan in his prime,” because “as a competitor, who would not want to go against the best?”

Later that season, with James in the midst of a historically brilliant run of shooting and scoring during which he appeared to be at the peak of his powers, Michael Jordan said that if allowed to choose only one player, he’d pick Kobe Bryant over James, because “five [championship rings] beats one every time I look at it.” James shrugged off Jordan’s pick, and later emphasized the importance of making his own way rather than trying to follow in another’s footsteps.

“You don’t want to be continued to be compared to someone,” LeBron James told Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports. “M.J. is one of the greatest that ever played. I don’t know if I’ll ever put in enough work to be mentioned with him, but I’m also at a point where I’m trying to make my own lane. I understand the comparisons. … Some of them are fair. Some of them are unfair to him. I know he’s looking at it like, ‘Guys shouldn’t be compared to me.'”

What is LeBron James’ careers goal and motivation?
During All-Star Weekend 2013, though, James also made it very clear that his career’s goal is to not only earn the right to be part of that conversation, but to ultimately stand alone as everybody’s top pick.

“I want to be the greatest of all time,” he said, according to SI’s Ben Golliver. “As my talent continued to grow, as I continued to know about the game, appreciate the game, continued to get better, I felt like I had the drive, first of all, the passion, the commitment to the game to place myself as the greatest of all time, the best of all time, however you want to categorize it. I don’t do it to say I’m better than this guy or that guy. I do it for my own inspiration. I inspire myself. When I go out on the floor, I want to be the best of all time. That’s how I help myself each and every night.”
Following Miami’s second straight championship, James reiterated that aim at the Heat’s 2013 training camp:
LeBron’s motivation: "I wanna be the greatest of all time. It's that simple… I'm far away from it, but I see the light."
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