[2016-10-24] Lemon juice benefits - What is the magical effect of lemon juice?

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Lemon juice can help you clean and leave the fresh and natural aroma. The Citric acid is very good for dissolving scale and decontaminating antibacterial. Lemon contains citric acid. This is a kind of weak and no-toxic acid. But the soot is an alkaline substance. At high temperature, citric acid and soot together occurs chemical reaction so that the soot will be dissolved in acid. That’s why the compositions of the detergents are mostly citric acid in the supermarket. Here's a brief introduction about how magical the lemon juice is.

strong>Clean up the soot of fingers
Scrubbing with lemon juice, at the beginning it does have significant effect. If you scrub the soot with patient, the yellow smoking scale will gradually disappear. If the lemon juice with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide, the affect will be better.

Cleaning scorch marks on the pot
There will be some leftover ugly scorch marks on the pot which is used for a long time.

Clean up chopping board
Cleaning up chopping board with lemon plus salt, this will not only have a certain bacteriostatic effect, but also to remove the miscellaneous taste.

Scrub the rust
It is particularly difficult to clean scales if you have no idea to solve this problem. In this case, you need to cut a lemon in half. And then scrub the scales with a half lemon. Then, the scales will be removed with ease.

Deodorize the refrigerator
Lemon peel is chopped in pieces. Then you can use a gauze to wrap the lemon peel and put it in a corner of the refrigerator. And you will smell a refreshing fragrance and feel pleasure when you open the refrigerator. However, don’t forget to change the lemon peel frequently.

Put lemon peel in the dishwasher
As you known, dishwasher is so dirty and hard to be cleaned. Fortunately, you could put a piece of lemon or lemon peel into the dishwasher. It will not only help you clean oil, but also leave fresh scent.
Now, you have known how lemon juice can help you fix the terrible troubles!
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