[2016-11-15] Lemon juice mask with different effect -Homemade mask with lemon juice

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Lemon has a lot of vitamin C and high concentration of acid. It is all known that vitamin C is an indispensable component of whitening. The lemon has uniquely citric acid and lemon vinegar which can delay skin aging. And it is very helpful to eliminate fatigue.

However, the concentration of lemon acid is too high, and it is high enough to be able to stimulate and burn the skin. Thus, it is wrong to directly do facial with a lemon slice.

How to properly use lemon to do skin care? That is the dilution of its acid. Therefore, we need to use lemon juice. And we just need to cut the lemon off. Then we squeeze the lemon with hands and the lemon juice will be out into the glass. We just need several drops. Then you should mix with different kinds of raw materials, and make different effective masks.

Lemon Whitening Mask

An egg-white, a small spoon of honey, 3 to 5 drops of lemon juice, it is very good to mix them well together and this will be a mask. Next, you could apply the mask to face properly.

Lemon Exfoliator Mask

A spoon of honey, a spoon of sugar, 3 to 5 drops of lemon juice. And then you should mix them evenly, next you could apply them to face. After the massaging you face, you need to clean your face with water. Lemon can soften the cuticle, sugar or salt can help you do massage.

Lemon firming and moisturizing mask

Put 3 to 5 drops of lemon juice into the cup, add one fresh egg yolk, mix them evenly. Add two tablespoons of oat flour and two tablespoons of olive oil to evenly mix them to be a paste.

All lemon facial masks above must be smeared on the face. After 20 minutes take down the mask, and then wash the face with warm water.
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