[2017-04-11] LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset Allows You to Enjoy Fantastic Movies or Music - Retail Packaging - Black/Orange Color

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A headset is a hardware device that connects to a telephone or computer that allows the user to talk and listen while keeping their hands free. Headsets are commonly used in technical support and customer service centers and allow the employee to talk to a customer while typing information into a computer. Sports enthusiasts commonly have difficulty looking for a good pair of headset. There is no doubt that sports headphones have high portability, but most of them fall short in durability. Now, you can have a waterproof, sweatproof and wireless bluetooth stereo headset and MP3 player all in one device. Bluetooth Stereo Headset, such as LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset, is a kind of headset that requires more advanced technology to allow perfect experience in receiving sound.

LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Retail Packaging - Black/Orange

The LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset is a Bluetooth stereo headset with a built-in MP3 player expertly designed for almost all sports activities such as cycling, running and even swimming! While other headsets are resistant just to rain drizzles or a few water splashes, the Mi-sport VBT is totally waterproof. This product provides two color: black and orange, both of which indicates steady and enthusiastic features. It has a moderate size, with height-240 hundredths-inches, length-710 hundredths-inches, width-490 hundredths-inches, and weight-35 hundredths-pounds.

The Stereo Bluetooth headset supports wireless music as well as the call functionality. It is designed in full consideration of human use that the unique around-the-neck design is lightweight and comfortable for all-day use. The magnetic ear buds snap into place when not in use; music controls on neck strap. Free BT Reader app (Android OS) reads your incoming text messages in real time. Up to 10 hours of talk time and 15 days of standby time, so even when you are in travelling, you don’t need to worry about whether there is a station for you to charge the headset. With the LG Tone’s premium sound quality, conversations and music live in perfect harmony. The LG Tone Wireless Stereo Headset brings you the high quality audio experience of stereo sound with the convenience of Bluetooth technology. Up to 10 hours of listening/talk time keeps you connected to your music and social life whenever you need it. With its unique form factor and sleek design, the LG Tone has an around-the-neck wearing style, ensuring you comfort throughout the day--wear the LG Tone all day without realizing you even have it on. Music controls right on the neck strap mean you can leave your phone in your purse or backpack and still play, pause, rewind, or fast forward. Wear it at work, while you are shopping, at the park walking your dog, lounging at home, or working out at the gym. Because it's water resistant, you can work out as hard as you want without worrying about breaking a sweat. You'll never miss a message with LG's free BT Reader app (Android OS), and you can navigate phone calls and media easily without having to physically touch your handset.

LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Retail Packaging - Black/Orange

I think LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset is the perfect device to enhance your lifestyle. Multi-connect functionality is different compared to some headsets. When multi-connecting, it will specifically connect one device as the telephony connection, and one device as the stereo connection. I honestly can't remember which, but I have previously used a stereo headset that allowed two devices to be connected and use either profile they liked. I was able to connect to the phone and the computer, listen to music on the computer, and receive a headset call from either the phone or from the VoIP phone system. In this case, when listening to music on the computer, calls must come from the phone, and no music can come from the phone when it is connected A2DP to the computer. I usually use the product when I am doing sports. Honestly speaking, it is highly comfortable and very usable - even while exercising.

LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Retail Packaging - Black/Orange
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