[2016-11-22] Lose weight by doing sports, sum up these tips to help you break through the losing weight bottleneck period

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Making plans
At the beginning, according to your actual situation, you should make a reasonable plan for losing weight. And if you encounter special circumstances, there will be time for changing plan.

Follow the schedule
When the schedule is delayed, you're thinking about that you'll be able to make up (but never do it!). When you don't have a good routine workout, it's easy for you to ignore it, or you might comfort yourself that you're doing something important and lately you will follow up your exercise schedule. On the contrary, you should mark your exercise program on the calendar, so it's not easy for you to ignore them.

Try new ways
You will feel tired for long term daily exercise. That is so bad! It will cause you to do exercises without doing your best and feel boring. And it is difficult to achieve the ideal fitness goals. So you could look for a new fitness program or a new exercise method. And also you could see the fitness programs around your friends and ask a friend for a disk of the exercise. Trying the most popular fitness programs in recent days, and you can find them on the internet.

Challenge yourself
As new things getting in your daily life, more exercise can prevent you improving. Much more than that, whatever your exercise level is, it means that you could get rid of a few pounds of fat or become stronger. And you can obtain a better effect of ultimate challenge.

Insist Exercise
We know that the most difficult thing is persistence. So you’d better do exercises with the partners. And you could play a role in supervision together. Timely surfing the Internet and sending photos to the internet can are good for communicating with your friends. let them pay more attention to your current situation so that it could urge you to exercise.

Food control
After finishing exercise, you can arrange some healthy and low calorie diets. And this can make double effect with exercise. Then according to the intensity of your exercise, you can calculate the burning calories a day and plus your metabolism, and you can get the number of calories you in one day. And according to the number of calories, you can formulate your diet recipes. Finally you can reach the maximum effectiveness of weight-loss goals!
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