[2017-08-01] Organics Rx Flowerpower Orchid Food, 15-Ounce for Health and Beauty

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Organics Rx Flowerpower Orchid Food is produced by Garden Organics Inc. Unlike synthetic chemical products that "douse" orchid plants with excessive amounts of Nitrogen, we have formulated usable amounts of N-P-K, which are absorbed more effectively into the root system. A simple and safe one step feeding program enhances orchid plant health and flowering year round, and stimulates flowering. The product contains no synthetic chemicals, animal product or pathogen.

Organics Rx Flowerpower Orchid Food, 15-Ounce

Organics rx has designed a safe, organic and easy to use dry plant nutrition for all your growing needs. stimulates new growth, increases vegetable, tomato and flower yields and reduces plant stress caused by severe environmental conditions such as heat, frost and drought. helps rebuild overworked dead soil and allows beneficial microbes to live and thrive.

Organics Rx Flowerpower Orchid Food, 15-Ounce

Let's read the review from one of the product users: I have to give a plug to this product because for the first time, I have orchid plants that have lived for a year or more, with one of them continuously producing lovely flowers. Maybe this isn't directly due to the food, but the food must get some credit. Another reviewer said that the directions are not very helpful, especially if you only have a few plants. He has a point. The directions say to use 2-3 tablespoons per GALLON of water, and use the mixture immediately -- not to store it. Following those directions makes enough food to water a whole greenhouse of orchids. For my five plants, I use a scant tablespoon of powder per QUART of water, and still have some left over. I read somewhere to water your orchids, "Weekly, weakly"(and keep them in a bright indoor space), and using the Organics RX food, I am having success following that advice.

Organics Rx Flowerpower Orchid Food, 15-Ounce
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