[2017-06-26] Perfect for Everyone! Hy5 Alcohol-FREE Hand Sanitizer OSHA ADA Compliant 1L R

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In connection with a US Navy edict prohibiting alcohol-based hand sanitizer products on board US submarines, procurement staff across various Navy divisions have since been migrating their purchases to alcohol-free hand sanitizer products, which are recognized for being equally-effective, yet non-irritating to the skin and non-flammable. A favored product is “Hy5,” a foam-format, fragrance-free antibacterial/antiseptic product that uses the organic compound Benzalkonium Chloride as the active ingredient and manufactured for MGS Brands, Inc., a Connecticut-based, minority-owned enterprise.

Mata Global Solutions Inc., which specializes in licensing, manufacturing and marketing innovative products, including Canada’s Soapopular® brand, alcohol-free handsanitizer line, announced that it has introduced Hy-5, a new line of alcohol-free, rinse-free hand sanitizer products that conform to the needs of facilities operating within the health care and food services industry, construction, cruise ship, government, and any other venues that require OSHA and ADA compliant dispensing devices.

Hy5 Alcohol-FREE Hand Sanitizer OSHA ADA Compliant 1L R

The product Hy5 Alcohol-FREE Hand Sanitizer OSHA ADA Compliant 1L R is 99.99% Effective; Alcohol-Free Antiseptic/Antibacterial Rinse-Free; Fragrance-Free;Dye-Free; Foam Format 2000 apps per cartridge; Active Ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride Non-irritating and won't cause skin to become dry/cracked Designed for Institutions; Perfect for Everyone! Now, based on institutional demand for OSHA/ADA-compliant alcohol free dispensing devices and disposable cartridges, we're pleased to introduce Hy5 ("High Five") for health care, government and institutional venues. NSN # 6840-1-584-0737 No fragrance. No Dye. No dry/irritated hands. Aggressively tested against broad spectrum of pathogens. It works--and we're happy to provide you with the independent lab reports and MSDS. Foaming application dispensed via push button or "Hands Free/No-touch" Dispensers. We also have portable floor stand dispensers to accommodate 'mobile' hand sanitizer stations. NOTE: This pre-filled cartridge is for use in the Hy5 wall mount push button or Hy5 "touch free" dispenser . Search for "Hy5".

Hy5 Alcohol-FREE Hand Sanitizer OSHA ADA Compliant 1L R

The Hy5 product is currently the only alcohol-free hand sanitizer with National Stocking Number designations provided by the US Defense Logistics Agency. Hy-5’s FDA-registered formulation has been independently tested and proven to be uniquely effective in killing the most commonly transmitted germs, viruses, and bacteria. When compared to alcohol-based products, Hy-5 offers greater persistency and requires less frequent application, and is therefore more economical. Because Hy-5 is also non-flammable, it is an ideal solution for health care venues, cruise lines, construction site operators, food preparation facilities, and all other OSHA-regulated venues.

Hy5 Alcohol-FREE Hand Sanitizer OSHA ADA Compliant 1L R
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