[2017-06-27] Perfect Light in the Dark - Knight & Hale Beacon Locator Light II

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For people who love to go outdoors at night may need the product Knight & Hale Beacon Locator Light II. The features includes: KH792 k&h beacon locator light 2; k&h beacon locator light 2; calls-deer. The Knight and Hale Beacon II Locator light remote has a 100 yard range. It will illuminate and "chirp" to help locate treestand and 4-wheeler. Locate hunting locations, downed game, duck blinds, just about anything you need to finish in the dark. Requires 2 AA batteries which is not included.

Knight & Hale Beacon Locator Light II

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Knight & Hale Beacon Locator Light II

Well, I pretested the light of Knight & Hale Beacon Locator Light II for the hunting season just like all my other gear. The performance was fantastic and I look forward to my hunt season with confidence. Some other users said, the KH Beacon Locator Light II is much sturdier than the one I had before. It looks rugged enough to take a little bouncing around if the wind stirs up and bangs it against the tree. It is a great product that I use it to locate my tree stand early in the morning and down game at night when I return. I bought one of the beacon locators and it’s an awesome product! It does just as it says it does. I was off the trail in the dark and wasn’t quite sure if i was heading in the right direction so i took out the handy remote that comes with it and it directed me 100% to my stand. It’s flawless and I’m definitely gonna buy more. It’s worth it.

Knight & Hale Beacon Locator Light II
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