[2017-06-26] Perfect Supplements for Health and Beauty - Nutri-Spec IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC 180 Capsules

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We are recommend an excellent quality Supplements Nutri-Spec MMUNO-SYNBIOTIC 180 capsules is really beneficial quality as well as for money. You must not think twice to purchase this one. If you need to purchase Supplements at low price, here is perfect place which have a cheap price, this is best for everybody who are generally need to shopping on this Nutri-Spec IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC 180 capsules as perfect Supplements.

Nutri-Spec IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC 180 capsules

The product includes various features. L. reuteri: most profound boost to the immune system of all probiotics; increases butyrate production from prebiotics; colonizes not just the colon, but the stomach, duodenum and ileum; kills harmful bacteria and Candida (both in the GI tract and the genitourinary tract); decreases triglycerides and cholesterol; increases vitamin B12 production; Don't be swayed by ineffective probiotics, no matter how many 'billions' of them the product contains, nor their variety. What's the point of taking priobiotics if the species in them are going to be of little or no benefit to you? INULIN + GUAR GUM; Did you know that...75% OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IS IN THE GUT MUCOSA? S. Boulardii: benefits all intestinal inflammatory conditions; restores the structure and function of the intestinal lining; increases immune-modulating butyrate; kills pathogenic bacteria and Candida; increases the population of beneficial intestinal flora. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Nutri-Spec IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC 180 capsules

I highly recommend this for anyone suffering from ibs, sensitive stomach, constipation, or other digestive issues. My chiropractor put me on to this after visits to multiple doctors and emergency room for severe stomach pain. No one could find anything wrong and this is the only thing that has truly helped. I experienced some minor bloating at first, but you just need to follow the directions very closely. I just started my third bottle and now have no severe pain, intestinal spasms, or constipation issues. Please give this a try if you are suffering from any of these symptoms. If experiencing a few rough side affects when starting this product, taper down dose, or keep at full dose and push through. I thought that it was the probiotic causing me issues, turned out it was die-off from bad flora. I was taking this product under recommendation of my chiro while pregnant to pass group B strep test. I kept at it and as a side affect, it cleared up my tinea versicolor, and stopped sugar cravings. My sensitivity to certain food allergies is continuing to lessen as well. This product has become a permanent addition to my short supplement list :)

Nutri-Spec IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC 180 capsules
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