[2017-06-22] Practical & Elegant Book Stand - The Sit or Stand Shtender Siddur Stand with Good Quality

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People who love reading books may have a lot of books stored at home. A good book stand is necessary to keep books in order and stay clean. We are going to introduce the Sit or Stand Shtender Siddur Stand that is manufactured with very good quality. The Practical & elegant book stand is designed with the dimensions: 9" X 14" X 16".

The Sit or Stand Shtender Siddur Stand

Here's a useful aid for learning and for davening that is both stylish and sturdy. Beautifully crafted from solid wood with a smooth oak finish, this low profile, multipurpose book stand will easily support your favorite siddur or full-size sefer. This strand is great for laptops too! This is exactly what I have been looking for! I use it to give my laptop a "lift" for a better reading angle/height and when I want to stand at my (non-standing) desk, I flip it up in two moves and voila! It is done. It works great as a standing desk.

The Sit or Stand Shtender Siddur Stand

If you are looking for a book stand in similar function, you cannot miss this excelent Shtender! This Shtender is wonderful. I love being able to have my Siddur on an angle when davening or when I am studying with my Chavruta partner. I like how the legs open up and you can make the angle as high or flat as you want. The only real draw back is really small Siddurim may not be best for his. It is well worth the price and I would suggest it to anyone. I also think this would make a great Bar Mitzvah gift!

The Sit or Stand Shtender Siddur Stand
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