[2017-05-06] Presenting Peru & Machupicchu - Travel Machu Picchu & Peru

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Peru & Machupicchu is a pretty nice place. From the soaring peaks of the Andes and the lush Amazon Rainforest to pre-Columbian ruins and Spanish colonial mansions, Peru beckons with the allure of the ancient and mysterious. Join A&K on a luxury vacation to this spellbinding country and its most significant sites, including the "lost city" of Machu Picchu.

Presenting Peru & Machupicchu

With A&K, discover Machu Picchu and Cusco alongside the country's finest travel guides. Catch the sun rising over Huayna Picchu as the morning mist parts to reveal Machu Picchu. Then, explore this pre-Columbian fortress and other sites in the Sacred Valley with a former resident archaeologist. Witness indigenous rituals and meet Andean artisans to gain an understanding of Peru's deep cultural roots. On select A&K Peru and Machu Picchu trips, you may even travel to the Incan citadel aboard the elegant Hiram Bingham train.

Beyond Machu Picchu, Peru offers an incredible array of travel destinations. Experience the colonial grandeur of Lima as you tour historic cathedrals and privately dine in a centuries-old mansion. Venture into the Amazon and its winding river systems on board 'Aria.' Delve into the less-frequented southern region of the country and discover the breathtaking beauty of Colca Canyon, said to be twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. Whether your Peru travel program takes you to Machu Picchu or further afield, expect A&K's signature blend of luxury, comfort and service at every step of your journey.

The book Presenting Peru and Machupicchu probably is the reference book which offers the most updated, clear and precise vision of the features that define Peru, in just one look. You will find a summary of the reality of today s Peru, as well as of its geography which makes it so wonderful, but, in turn, complicated and sometimes, hostile, as it influenced a fascinating history, in which the people who lived within its boundaries; being inhabitants or protagonists, developed their maximum effort and a great creativity, to achieve a harmonious cohabitation, based on respect and reciprocity, with their surroundings, and as the result of it all, Peru ends up being a privileged country, in which the richness and variety of its natural and cultural patrimony are impressive.

Presenting Peru & Machupicchu

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest heirlooms the Andean people have left to the world is Machupicchu; a master construction work which still stirs passion and curiosity that incite us in the formulation of a series of questions, many of which this work intends to respond to in a practical way, as a result of its author s long and arduous research. This is really a nice place worth traveling and Presenting Peru & Machupicchu is a good book to enlarge your view.

Presenting Peru & Machupicchu
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