[2016-08-03] Prevent razor bumps - Can I use shaving bumps razor while my face covered with acne?

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The features that the beard grows on acne:

Sycosis, known as "Beard Sore", is a staphylococcal infection and irritation of the hair follicles in the beard region. The condition often affects the mustache and beard growth areas, although sometimes sycosis may manifest around the scalp. The symptoms include an occurrence of skin eruptions and bumps filled with pus. The disorder is more prevalent in men who are around 30-40 years old, especially, the facial grease and bearded man. It let you feel consciously itching, burning and painful. Also it is very difficult to cure.

Can I use razor as my face covered with acne?
Actually, it is not recommended to use razor due to its shaving bumps influence. So you could prefer a pair of scissors which is used for eyebrow to cut the beard. And then you could remove the beard that is in abscess with tweezers. It is so easy to buy eyebrow scissor and tweezers. However, every time after you finish using eyebrow scissor and tweezers, it is very necessary to disinfect them. Or using alcohol-based mouthwashes as well.

If you do want to use razor, it is advised you to choose electric razor. But every time you use it, you have to disinfect the electric razor. When the surface of razor is overheating because of shaving bumps, you should stop using it. This will easily cause the disease get worse. Thus, you had better select an electric razor with cooling function so that it could prevent razor bumps. If you don't know how to choose a suitable razor, you could just follow the article about our professional testing for razor in the razor reviews section. There are also some acne on tester's face. From the conclusion of the tester's razor review, it shows that this kind of razor could prevent razor bumps and protect the skins much better than others.
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How to prevent Acne?
1. Don't grow a beard if you have facial grease
2. Clean the grease by using facial cleanser, every day two or three times cleaning
3. Must disinfect razor after using it
4. Once you discover acne, externally use erythromycin ointment immediately. Three times a day.
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