[2016-10-17] Refrigerator Forms Frost! Fastest and Strongest Skills to Defrost

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In the refrigerator that has no automatic defrosting device, every once in a while there will always be a thick layer of frost. At this moment, do you break it with your hand, pry with a knife, or even knock with a hammer?
In fact, the refrigerator defrosting is not so laborious. The following method can quickly defrost.

1. First disconnect the refrigerator power, and put out the food inside the box.

2. Place some absorbent cloth or paper below the refrigerator door, in order to absorb dissolved ice water since there will be ice frost melting out.

3. According to the size of the freezer, put one or two aluminum boxes fitted with boiling water into the freezer.

4. If you want to defrost more efficiently, open the fan and adjust it to the highest wind speed. Blow straight to the freezer ice layer and the ice will fall off soon.

5. A few minutes later, the frost block on the freezer wall begins to block off (those have not fallen off yet, can be pulled lightly by hand). The water in freezer must be wiped clean, or it will frost immediately after cooling.

In addition, if there is no a metal evaporation plate on the top of the freezer, the box fitted with water should be covered, so as to avoid the deformation of the plastic wall at low temperature due to sudden heating. This method saves much more time than the power cut for self-warming in defrosting.
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