[2017-06-18] Safe De Fabulous Amazon Series Cystine Complex Curl Softening Treatment for HairStyle

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Cysteine Complex works in synergy with hair's existing proteins to restructure, soften, and release curls from hair. The healing capabilities of the Dendrobium Orchid absorb and eradicate free radicals. Cysteine is a compound already found in hair, and it makes up about 40% of hair's natural protein composition. Cysteine Complex from the Amazon Series works to restore the proteins in hair that have been lost over time. Curl volume is reduced, leaving hair straighter and more manageable. The reduction of curl volume as a result of applying Cysteine Complex is up to 60% on ethnic, virgin, and coarse hair, and up to 70% on Caucasian hair.

de Fabulous Amazon Series Cystine Complex Curl Softening Treatment, 16 fl. oz.

The features of the product includes, Cysteine Complex Curl Softening Treatment; Formaldehyde-Free; Reduces Curl Volume and Eliminates Frizz; Hair is Straighter and Softer After Treatment; Works with Hair's Natural Composition. De Fabulous Amazon Series Acai Oil Treatment Healty Boost For All Hair Types 4oz is a revolutionary formula of powerful Acai extracts and rich antioxidants has the ability to restore and renew even the most porous hair. Split ends are a thing of the past, and damaged hair is given a healthy, elegant texture. This lightweight oil is a must for luxurious results. Experience the unmatched value of Acai Oil, the Amazon Rain Forest?s golden oil. Add a shot of Acai Oil to any color formulation to soothe the scalp and prevent staining or irritation. It contains acai berry extracts, antioxidants and vitamins A & E.

de Fabulous Amazon Series Cystine Complex Curl Softening Treatment, 16 fl. oz.

Great effect on my hair. I had Cysteine complex done on my hair by a Loreal saloon in India while on a holiday during Christmas and it lasted till now after 10 weeks and it would probably last forever. I live in Sydney and the saloons don't use this product here so I ordered it from Amazon. I applied it myself and used a straightening iron after 20 minutes. The effect is great. It took less than one hour and the bottle will last me for over two years so I am saving thousands. Surprisingly it has taken away all the frizz and my hair looks naturally straight for the first time in my life my hair looks good and I can grow it. It has bounce and my hair never moved before. I swear this is the best product. I was lazy and used my hans a bit and it had no impact. For me the product is safe.

de Fabulous Amazon Series Cystine Complex Curl Softening Treatment, 16 fl. oz.
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