[2016-09-08] Samsung Confirms Galaxy Note 7 6GB RAM & 128GB Storage as China Exclusive!

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Samsung has now confirmed that the previously leaked and rumored Galaxy Note 7 variant with 128GB of onboard storage and 6GB RAM will be released, but only in China! Samsung's mobile chief Dong-jin Koh, spoke to reporters at the firm's Galaxy Note 7 follow-up launch event in Seoul, South Korea. The Korea Herald in an August 11 report, says that according to Koh Samsung is "reviewing" the rollout of this higher-capacity, higher-RAM variant in China because rival smartphone manufacturers in China are "aggressively doing marketing with high-capacity memory," in the local market. So, what it sounds like is a 6GB RAM/128GB model was always planned, then dropped, then re-considered for China because apparently the Chinese market can't get enough of high-capacity storage? WTF? Not sure if you guys have noticed but there's plenty of 128GB Apple iPhones getting sold in North America and Europe! Following the disastrous move of only launching the Galaxy Note 5 in North America and Asia, we would have thought Samsung had learned this kind of exclusivity is a bad idea. Perhaps we will see a launch later for other global regions, but we remember saying something similar with the Note 5 and that never materialized, so on this front we wouldn't hold our breath.

Below we'll include our published coverage of previous rumors on the subject for the record:

Some pundits were a little shocked during the Galaxy Note 7 announcement when it emerged that Samsung was only revealing one storage variant for the phablet with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. Recently there's been a push for higher storage models on flagship phones, with Apple raising its onboard storage up to 128GB, and with a phablet device with a focus on productivity, many expected the Note 7 would follow suit. There were also heavy rumours ahead of the launch for 6GB of RAM inside the Note 7.

Well, now following the launch, there's some evidence that a 128GB model with 6GB RAM may indeed exist. Chinese certification authority TENAA recently updated its listing for the Galaxy Note 7 with a 128GB memory and 6GB RAM variant, and if it's being certified in this way then it's pretty certain it will see a release. But the big question there is when? And perhaps more importantly where? So far it has only appeared on TENAA making us wonder if it will be limited to distribution in China. Only time will tell if a wider circulation will occur.

Yet more evidence has emerged on August 9 that China, at the very least, will be getting a 128GB storage/6GB RAM Galaxy Note 7 handset. This time it's a carrier network preparing to launch the new model, complete with pricing. Emerging via Chinese blogging and social network channels (Weibo) insiders with an unnamed Chinese network leaked details that pre-orders will start on August 26 and the phones would go on-sale on September 2, with the price set at 6088 yuan ($912), versus the 64GB/4GB RAM model at 5688 yuan ($853), a small difference in price which, frankly, doesn't sound at all realistic. Still, that doesn't mean the new model isn't real and isn't coming to China pretty soon - but the big question remains; will this be a China exclusive? We hope not, and if so it is a stupidity of similar proportions to the Galaxy Note 5 getting a limited distribution last year.
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