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[2016-07-21] Santoni Released 2016 Rio Olympic Special Shoes

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Introduction: With the arrival of the 2016 Olympic Games, Santoni chose its brand classic sports shoes, used the iconic five colors - blue, yellow, black, green and red of the five Olympic rings, introduced fresh, bright and vibrant Santoni 2016 Special Olympics Shoes models, named it "Enjoy Rio, Dynamic Rio" series, in order to celebrate the upcoming thirty-first Olympic Games in Brazil.

Santoni 2016 Rio Olympics special shoes

Santoni echoes the Olympic Games and for the first time lands in South America. The design inspiration is from Rio de Janeiro - the sunny and welcoming city; contrastive vivid colors and light materials, combined closely with irreplaceable Santoni shoe technology details, achieve Santoni 2016 Rio Olympic special shoes; it not only illuminates the charm of Rio city, but also reflects the joyful life in South America.

Santoni 2016 Rio Olympics special shoes, participate with you in this Olympic Games, together with colors and dedicated design, echoing the harmonious atmosphere and persistent sports spirit that have been uphold for centuries by the Olympic Games.  

Santoni 2016 Rio Olympics special shoes

Let the simple, bright and brisk beauty of Santoni "Enjoy Rio, Dynamic Rio" series of sports shoes enjoy the upcoming summer with you! Enjoy Rio city's unique charm!

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