[2017-05-15] SenGuard Permanent Marble & Granite Sealer Kit from Cosentino - Your Good Choice

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It is not easy to choose a granite sealer for many homeowners trying to decipher all the mixed messages about sealing granite countertops coming from every corner of the stone industry. SenGuard™ is produced for Cosentino, the manufacturer of Silestone quartz countertops, for application on their Sensa™ granite. It provides permanent protection against stains with one application, and the advanced nano-technology provides more complete and durable coverage. It will not change look or color of stone and can be used both outdoors and indoors.Meanwhile, it will be unaffected by UV rays. Use on granite, marble, travertine and all porous natural stone countertops & floor tile. Covers 50-200 sq. feet depending on porosity of the natural stone

SenGuard Permanent Marble & Granite Sealer Kit

SenGuard Permanent Marble & Granite Sealer incorporates the latest improvements in sealer chemistry to deliver superior performance and durability in the comparison with current standard sealers. SenGuard employs nano-technology and specialized molecules to penetrate more deeply, provide up to 40% greater coverage, and form permanent bonds with the stone. This permanent protective barrier repels both oil and water-based substances while also allowing the stone to breath for the most effective and durable stain protection available. SenGuard requires only one application (of up to 3 coats) and does not degrade or wear off like a standard sealer. The advanced technology also means a lower volume of sealer is required making SenGuard more environment-friendly than conventional sealers that require multiple applications of a large volume of sealant. Use SenGuard for sealing marble and granite countertops, floor tile, travertine tile, onyx, slate and all other porous natural stone surfaces.

SenGuard does not change the look or color of the stone. It is unaffected by UV rays and can be used indoors or outdoors. How to use this product? Here is the instructions: the SenGuard Sealer DIY kit includes a "how to" DVD video, a step-by-step booklet with photos, applicator and finishing cloth. Application: One bottle of SenGuard covers 50-200 square feet depending on porosity/absorbency of the stone. Allow the stone absorb as much sealant as possible without letting it dry on the surface. One correctly applied coat is better than two thin ones. Two coats (or even three for very porous stones) may be necessary to seal the stone properly in one application.

SenGuard Permanent Marble & Granite Sealer Kit

SenGuard™ proved very easy to apply, so a do-it-yourself kit makes a lot of sense. There’s definitely a demand and nothing else like it. So, now homeowners can get a superior sealer for about half the price of professional application. Let’s read a review from one user: 3 years ago we sealed our new kitchen countertop. Since then we have cleaned it with nothing but a damp cloth and it has easily taken off grape juice, dried on soy sauce (ooops), tomato sauce, and repels water even when it has been sitting there for some time. We have new bathroom countertops that we were assured were sealed "with the best" but they get dark spots by the faucets when water drips on them and stays. I mean, who wipes off the counter every time you wash your hands?! So we are about to order a new bottle to take care of the future beauty of these granite counters, too. Great product and lives up to its advertising. In just 3 years I'm sure we have saved the price on cleaners and sealers needed every 6 months.

SenGuard Permanent Marble & Granite Sealer Kit
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